The newly formed BMD are accusing their mother party BDP of plagiarising the idea of putting on party colours every weekend of each month end. Kabo Morwaeng and Botsalo Ntuane have been quoted in one in the media accusing Domkrag of copying their idea, while Comma Serema has defended his party claiming that they are the originators. BMD claims BDP intercepted the idea from sms sent to friends, a claim that the ruling party denies. What worries Shaya though is that, should it be true that the idea was intercepted my plan for a new business is as good as dead. What more else can be stolen from sms?
On the one hand it could be that BMD and BDP think alike, after all they have been one thing for decades!



He is quite an intriguing personality. At a first glance Clement Jackson looks like a rocker. He is all leather and metal.
He is considered one of the best musicians in the country by those who know him, but Yours Truly thinks Jackson is taking this rock look thing way overboard.


He has this double neck guitar but Shaya is still to see him using all the strings. I could be wrong maybe Mr Jackson has held other shows where he went ballistic Is it just show off?


When he left the to join Duma FM, former Voice scribe Rudeboy Nectar thought he was going to the big things. He was tired of the pen? Well as we know it did not work out, he only lasted two months. His next move was to a new publication Global Post where he took up the post of editor but was out of there in another two months? Shaya has been informed that the dreadlocked Nectar is settling down in another new job.
One thing is certain, the man has talent and will succeed in whatever he does, but ‘Dread’ what are you hopping about?

The years 2009/10 have been very difficult ones for gospel artist Matheke Leteane. He was accused of leading astray another gospel hot shot Vusi Mtokufa. The young Vusi ended up involved in a case where a young girl died, Leteane’s name cropped up again. The relationship with Vusi soured as a result.
Leteane later released an album titled Intshwarele (forgive) and this was misconstrued to imply that, the artist was apologising to Vusi.
=“He was in fact talking to God. He felt he had stayed away from God far too long,” said his manager Kabelo Malala.
Malala said the issues of Vusi, took their toll on Leteane as he faced hostilities from some of his church members.“People all over were pointing accusing fingers at him. After staying away from church he is now back with renewed vigour,” Malala said.
He said if people could pay more attention to the song they would get the artist’s message loud and clear.