Maxi-and-BoyfriendMAXY FINDS NEW LOVE

Whoever said Maxy is a ‘Maskanta’ and will probably never find love was wrong .

I know a lot of you dismissed her when she parted ways with her former lover, the father of her only daughter Gauta, but when that door closed another new door opened and the talented songstress walked right in.

And did we mention that Maxy’s new catch is hot looking younger man?

Shaya spotted her over the weekend in Ramotswa and she couldn’t hide her excitement, coming all out to tell Yours Truly that she is in love and planning to get married.

We wish the two nothing but wedded bliss. All the best Maxy.


TV and radio celebrities the world over have a reputation of being womanisers and our local boy Kaelo Sabone, the BTV morning show presenter seems to be doing something to court that reputation.

Shaya has seen a couple of girls on Facebook claiming to be tied to the TV star and I remain totally confused as to whether these young ladies are groupies or they are romantically tied to the brother for real.

Shaya knows that the gentleman dates Gabz FM’s Setshwano Moaisi but recently another sister known as Rorisang Nkwe from Tlokweng has been bragging about how she is in love with Kaelo on her Facebook profile.

Which of these young ladies is yours my brother?

Could Kaelo be doing it the King Mswati way or it’s just some casual Gabs groupies out to tarnish his name?


What’s wrong with Fatima? If she is not involved in fraud she is found in heated exchange of words with other promoters.

I have always said we shouldn’t judge her but enough is enough and I stand as a concerned parent to address her.

Shaya was recently informed that the chubby promoter beat her younger lover black and blue and even went on to damage his car.

She is said to have bragged in the process telling the poor guy that she was doing it the One Rabantheng style.

Ok! That’s not funny at all, my dear sister. Next time don’t damage the car. If the young man is cheating on you, take him to your house, lock the door and thrash him with a stick. That’s how they treat them cheating young men nowadays.

There seems to be no peace at the mass media complex.

The latest news is that a very young news reporter at BTV used fake Degree certificates to get his job.

What disturbs Shaya the most is that other employees have reported the matter to their boss who is not willing to take action.

Shaya is informed that the brother is used to backbiting his colleagues to their supervisors.

The boy does it the DIS style.

His nose is on the ground to snoop at anyone who mentions the name of his boss at the higher office,talk-less of saying anything about the President.

Shaya is contemplating being the DCEC informer to get the boy investigated. Watch out boy what goes around comes around!


With a £26million fortune, Robin Gibb left behind more than enough to ensure his widow and three children would be well provided for.

However, it may be a different story for the late singer’s love child who has been cut out of his inheritance altogether, the Daily Mail can reveal.

Gibb had a daughter, Snow Robin, with his housekeeper Claire Yang in 2008.

The former Bee Gee died in May last year aged 62 after a long battle with colon and liver cancer.

He was survived by his second wife Dwina, 60, their son Robin-John, 30, and his two children from his first marriage, Spencer, 41, and Melissa, 39.


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lenna keteng

bo Maxy gaba ise ba thoke banna it has been a matter of time


Mmmmhhhhhh………this guy o hot,shem gudluc to Maxy