I have said this countless times and I still repeat:

Things the so-called celebs do always never cease to amaze me and I still fail to understand.

I couldn’t believe it when I heard that a tall slim popular radio presenter from a private radio station was recently thrown out of Cigar Lounge club in Phakalane after guards caught him  with his pants down  in the female toilets.

The brother who prides himself as the best thing to have ever happened to radio was greatly embarrassed when the guards lifted him out of the toilets with his pants dangling.

Shaya suspects the guy must be staying with strict parents or something because it’s not the first time he has been caught having sex in public.

The other day he was caught shagging in a night club parking lot.

Maybe the brother should change his tag line to the best porn star and not the best radio star as he has been purporting.


BOMU elections are just around the corner. Could that be the reason why the  Botswana Music Union (BOMU) President Alfredo Mos recently visited Prophet TB Joshua of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) in Nigeria.

Yours Truly wonders why Alfredo Mos has not been visiting the Man of God all along and preferred to travel when elections are approaching. Several questions have been running  through Shaya’s mind concerning Mos visit to Nigeria and its timing.

Has he too been called?

Did he want to be blessed to win elections?

Does he think there is magic in the anointing water? If it is indeed a calling, we will see him by his fruits.

May be his next album will tell it all when he shifts from the Kwasa-kwasa jive genre to the noble gospel where he will glorify God.

Vee did it and MC Maswe followed. Could Mos be next?

Only time will tell.


Seeing other guys in town tying the knot gives me great courage to follow suit. Vivante tied the knot and his friend Treasure Mothobi paid lobola recently.

What leaves Yours Truly guessing is this guy popularly known as ‘The Brand’ on Yarona FM.

Thabo Osekeng has been spotted in town all over a certain nurse.  In most occasions, the brother gives the lady his Volvo sedan and prefers to walk instead.

Looks like True Love to yours truly but then again it’s been a while since I have been waiting for a wedding invitation.

Please do the honorable thing Mr. and make that woman a Mrs.



The reason Yours Truly is still stuck in the main line churches and hasn’t been tempted to join the charismatic Pentecostal churches is the fear of being conned by fake pastors using the name of the Lord for personal gain.

Some are out to make a fast buck through church while others are simply out to screw as many gullible and unsuspecting sisters as they can deceive.

Shaya has been reliably informed that one of the brothers who ditched singing in clubs for church has found a safe haven to molest young and unsuspecting sisters in his church.

I always knew there was something fishy about this brother.

One concerned sister called “Matshidiso” recently told Shaya that the brother targets sisters from tertiary schools who call him ‘Daddy.’  Shame on you brother.


It is now official; the BNF and UDC President Duma Boko will tie the knot before the end of the year.

He will marry Kaone Mokganedi, who is also an attorney.

His best man is expected to be American Fast and Furious Actor Rick Yune while Boko’s personal trainer and body guard, Elliot Moshoke, will be among the groom’s maids.

During the BNF’s congress in Ghanzi, Boko gave the members a sneak preview of his would-be wife and passed a joke that he does not know when other presidents would follow suit.

Shaya is waiting for the invitation sir.


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