Sexy Rhythm City actress, Nokuthula Ledwaba who plays the gullible Tshidi Khuse in the popular South African soap could not have her teeth off the finer foods last Saturday at the GICC. The actress loved the fish fingers that even when co-actress Pam Andrews who plays Gail October tried a short conversation, Tshidi would not have any of it!
Poor Gail, she had to look on as her friend sucked her teeth into the brownies. Her eyes however turned to ice when she saw Shaya’s slick camera pointed towards her and her feeding friend. Great to notice that even the likes of slim looking girls like Tshidi have a thing for fatty foods.


Well she has done it all in fashion. She has spotted one trendy hairstyle and outfit after another one. She has also stood out in one of the most outrageous hairstyles you could ever see, but Mpho Laing has another side to her. Never caught on camera before.
The atmosphere was perfect, wine was in abundance and there were a lot of vulnerable prey, Miss Laing simply found hers. Can you imagine the impact as lips collided? Pictures don’t lie.


Minister Lesego Motsumi is not your likeliest Shaya victim, but if you find her snarling she quickly becomes a candidate.
The minister had a very good time during the launch of e-Botswana television (formerly GBC), that all she could do was imitate a dog. Accompanied by the Speaker Margaret Nasha, Motsumi had a blast and she gave yours truly a Grrrrr…. Nice pic Lesh.


A much celebrated musician who has just dropped a new album is rumoured to have made a turn around on his decision to appoint a certain lady his manager.
The lady who herself is a promoter of repute had earlier announced that she is the manager of successful musician, but work on the ground says otherwise.
Shaya has learnt that the two are not working together at all. News is that the announced their working relations at a party under a drunken stupor, and the excited lady ran to the media the next day to announce her new fat catch. When the stunted muso’s head cleared the next day, he reneged.

It’s no wonder one of the founding members of the BMD is calling for fresh elections. He has already started practicing the art of voter pleasing, the Khama-style I must add.
The most of the most critics of President Ian Khama’s populist activities, was spotted doing the very same thing the 1st Citizen would find pleasure doing. Last week Thursday the vocal Botswana Movement for Democracy leader, was spotted at the Main Mall wrestling with a heavily laden street vendors trolley. In wonder, the lady stood by with a big smile of gratitude. Classic case of if you can’t beat them join them, since we all know one of Khama’s campaign strategies was to go out there and hang out with the man on the street. Hey, Shaya is decent enough not to name names, so keep your Learned gentleman wig on!


  1. BMD/BDP ONE THING. bmd ke madomkraga baba oparang bo orange ebile ba ila kgama. bothe ba thwere tumelo e nngwehela ya dipolotiki, ke bajanosi. unlike bcp and bnf. bnf ke sekomanisi. we are the leftist ha bcp e hetugile bajanosi. stop waisting our time kabo mdc ya ga motsaledi
    cde ramogotlha
    selebi phikwe
    botshabelo north