A BDP top man has not paid a number of lodges after block-booking for delegates during the party’s recent elective congress in Maun.

Shaya has learnt that some party members sponsored by the said unscrupulous businessman were at some point briefly locked up because they had not settled their bill only to be released after serious protest that the accommodation was not booked in their names after all.

Apparently the man has a habit of not settling his bills but hotel and lodge owners are afraid to complain because doing so would be business suicide.

“If we report or take him to task we are afraid we would never get business from government again.

We would be blacklisted, ” said a source who owns a small lodge in Maun.

Shaya wonders what this says about the party that votes such people into power.

KwelagobeDK vs GUMA

Politics is indeed a dirty game.

It is true what they say about politics being a dirty game and the former Botswana Democratic Party Chairman Daniel Kwelagobe must know.

Kwelagobe felt it last week when the newly elected BDP chairman, Guma Moyo confronted him for undermining him as the new master of the party.Moyo

Those who saw the drama which happened in front of parliament unfold say had MP for Tswapong Prince Maele not came to the rescue, the old man would have probably landed in hospital after Guma had made mince meat of him.

Kwelagobe apparently got into hot soup for by- passing the new chairman to submit some agenda items straight to the party president, something Guma didn’t take kindly to at all as it allegedly undermined his newly acquired powers.

If at all Kwelagobe didn’t receive the memo then he should be notified that BOSSO ke Guma. Shem! Poor old man.

May all those who know a young and so called successful communications executive who recently got the boot from her high profile job stand up!

That would of course be the whole city but what you might not know is that the pompous sister who apparently used to go around spending money like its going out of fashion in restaurants and pretending that that the sun shone from her behind lost her job in a restructuring exercise and no longer has money to flash.

Shaya has been informed that the same rude, unpolished and loud sister who is now a divorcee found what looked like instant love from a tenderprenuer after her divorce but things quickly went sour between the two and now the woman who had parked herself in the man’s posh house has been kicked out.

A little bird tells Shaya that last week the crazy woman went berserk and repossessed all the underwear she had bought for the brother in good times.

She is also reported to be demanding P230,000 she lent to her ex-lover from her terminal benefits.

Things we do for love, eish!! How do you give out such amounts of money without any acknowledgement of debt document signed?

Shaya’s advice to the poor sister though, is that next time you go up don’t forget where you come from because it’s that easy to fall from the corporate ladder.


Eat your hearts out haters! Olympic star and home boy Nigel Amos was spotted this weekend at one popular hang out spot in River walk mall oozing urban swag, complete with a sweet thing on his arm.

She is beautiful Mr. Amos but you must watch out for greedy Minister’s who snatch people’s girlfriends in GC.

Shaya is just sayin’ if you know what I mean!

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