Chico's muti-nous mistake

Orapa suspend Assistant Coach, Daniel Nare

Voice Sport can exclusively reveal that Orapa United have suspended their Assistant Coach, Daniel Chico Nare for misconduct.

The suspension comes amidst accusations of Nare’s repeated ‘muti’ use in the build up to games.

The problem came to a head after Saturday’s Top 8 humiliation against Township Rollers, when a lacklustre performance saw Orapa fall to a meek 4-2 defeat – a scoreline that flattered the Ostriches.

The night before the game, Nare is said to have snuck into the Francistown Sports Complex after bribing security guards in order to gain access to the pitch.

The charismatic coach is then believed to have performed a number of ‘rituals’, which were meant to ensure Orapa’s victory.

Instead, management feel Nare’s behaviour contributed to their Top 8 disaster, as they believe his actions distracted the players and made them lose focus.

Speaking to Voice Sport on Wednesday, Orapa Chairman Kennekae Nkape revealed the club’s hierarchy have long warned Nare to desist from using muti.

“What is the use of signing players rather than hiring traditional doctors if he believes muti can win us games?

We do not want his beliefs to cloud our games and we have been clear about it yet he is not willing to change!” he said.

“Muti does not work! What is important is to work on the mental aspect of players – we lost the final on mental strength,” continued Nkape, adding that Nare will be called for a hearing and that his future with Orapa lies on the outcome of the meeting.

Until then he is banned from training with the team.

As well as the ‘muti misdemeanour’, Nare is also said to have turned up late for Saturday’s final, which disrupted the team’s preparations and cut their warm-up short.

“After the game he did not go to the dressing room to do team talk and give players feedback on what they think made them lose the game,” added Nkape.

Indeed, shortly after the match finished, Nare was seen engaging in ‘over friendly’ conversation with Rollers coach Nikola Kavazovic – something that is rumoured to have further displeased Orapa’s already angry management.

“We told the team that after the game they should travel back to Orapa, which he did not do. He came late for training on Tuesday and that is indiscipline,” continued Nkape.

When contacted for a comment, Nare admitted he turned up after the stipulated meeting time for Saturday’s final as he was stuck in traffic, having gone to collect his suit, which was transported from Gaborone by bus.

As for why he did not travel back to Orapa with the rest of the team as instructed, Nare defiantly replied, “I remained in Francistown because I told Mafu (Head Coach, Bongani Mafu) that I want to watch the Tafic and BDF XI game, which was played on Sunday, because we will playing those teams in two weeks to come.”

Nare then went on the offensive, going on to say, “It means he (Mafu) is a sell out if he failed to update management on my whereabouts!”

The ex-Gunners coach further stressed he did not know why he had been summoned for a hearing. He claimed after Tuesday’s training session, Nkape told him he in front of the players that he was no longer part of the team.

“I think out of respect for each other, I should have been called to the office separately and advised of my suspension to save me the humiliation. My take is that I have been embarrassed, humiliated and belittled in front of my players over a simple administrative issue,” said Nare, adding he only became aware of his suspension when he heard it on the radio through the club’s PR officer.

“I have been suspended without a hearing and without a letter,” he charged, before concluding, “I reiterate that I did nothing wrong and stand to be dismissed a free soul. I am proud of the contribution I did to this team thus far.”

Time will tell whether his contribution ends there!

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