Accused man denies plan to kidnap and murder stepson

A brave teenager who jumped out of a moving car has told of how his stepfather kidnapped him from school in a plot to kill him.
Disturbing details of the stepfather’s alleged elaborate plan to murder the 14-year old boy, Oageditse Lebambe over an argument about his alleged cheating, which  he had with the boy’s mom, came to the fore recently as the boy narrated the sad story.

Lebambe, a form three student at Mmei Community Junior Secondary School  in Francistown said that determined to kill him, the man drove to his school at lunch time and tricked him into getting into the car before taking off at high speed into the bush  where he was to commit the murder.

Visibly shaken but consistent in his testimony, the teenager said that at first, the step dad, Ogomoditse Lekono, 44, asked him to push his car which, he claimed had died outside the school gate.
“When we got to the car, instead of pushing like he said we would, dad ordered  me to get  into the passenger seat, while he slipped into the driver’s side and started the car. He then offered to buy me a drink at the nearby shops, but on our way he suggested  we drive further to other shops as the nearby ones were likely to have a  problem finding change. As we headed to the other shops, daddy told me he had found a job and showed me some papers to read.“

While reading the papers, Oageditse realised that the car was leaving the Monarch residential area and heading towards the bush. “ I asked him where we were going   but he kept quiet. When we hit the dusty road, I again asked him where we were going, and again he did not answer me,” recalled Oageditse.

“When I looked at his face, I realised  he was sweating profusely,  his face had changed and the speed of the car was increasing. Out of the blue dad said, “Now that I have taken you, I am going to kill you and then kill myself.”
The teenager said he pleaded repeatedly with his step dad not to kill him, but all in vain. “As I cried, I held his hand and begged him not to kill me, but he shrugged me off each time. When it struck me that he meant business, without giving it much thought I  pulled the passenger door open and jumped out of the moving vehicle fast,”said Oageditse.

As soon as the boy had escaped, Lekono made a quick u-turn and gave chase, but propelled by fear of death, the little boy swiftly ducked into the bush and ran for his dear life as fast as his legs could carry him. “I don’t know how long I ran through the bush until I stumbled into an old man who was seated under a tree shade whom I asked for help. As  I told the old man my horror story,  neighbours attracted by my injured state started to gather around,”

The concerned people took the teenager to the  central police station where he reported  the matter and later to Area W clinic for medical attention.

Denying the boy’s story the stepfather said , “I did not say I was going to kill him. He asked me why the car was so battered, and I said I thought I was going to make a killing, but it looked like I had killed myself by buying that car.”
Oageditse’s mother, Lilian Libambe however supported his son’s evidence by revealing that on the same day, that his son wound up at the police station with head and knee injuries,  Lekono, who is the father of her youngest son had confessed to her colleague that he had attempted to kill Oageditse and threatened to kill his own son too. They embattled couple had had  a heated argument that threatened to break their shaky relationship about Lekono’s cheating ways prior to the incident.

“”After the police told me that my eldest son was at the police station  injured  after the stepfather  had picked him up from school with the intent to kill him, I feared  for my life and that of the younger son, so I asked for police  protection, but he arrived at my workplace before the police had come. Fortunately by that time I had already  hidden  my  youngest son in  one of the guest rooms.”

Maggie Linda, a 51- year eye witness said that on the same day Lekono was said to have attempted to kill the boy, he arrived at his girlfriend’s work place carrying a black cutlass and demanded to see his lover.

“ I refused to open the gate!  He then asked for water, which I gave him over the fence. After drinking water he asked for his son Lasty. I told  him that the son was not around and to my utter shock he calmly stated: “ I have killed Oageditse, where is Lasty? I want to kill him too before I kill myself.”

Police nabbed Lekono walking on the street still carrying the deadly weapon in his hands allegedly in search of Lasty and his mom.

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This story is as unclear as it’s picture!


O nyetse


o bolaelang batho you coward? why dont the police kill u b4 u kill many people? O tlaa nyela o marrrt


Ngwana wa modimo o bati mo go maswe


Batho ba lwala malatsi a. Hey o batla goja gotle neh go sena complain?


Brave 14 yr old boy, and sick stepdad ofcourse


this guy is screwed…..that’s why i hate step fathers,thank God i was raised by my Dad, step fathers are sick….mxm


o ne o tenwe ke satan ka sebelebele.


Ka thuso ya Jehova, ngwana o kgonne go bona phatlha ya go tswa. Ikaletse ole nosi o tlogele ngwana ebile ga se wa gago, even if he was yours you have no right to kill. You coward.

the skullbreaker

yo bata go bolawa he is a disagrace.hw can he do such a thing legone proudly.motho yo o neng a mmona a walker majesticaly a tshwere tool ya go olaya motho.

kuda djKud molebedi

he is insane


Ba ke bone ba batlang go kgobotediwa ka majwe


ke gone a nnyetseng sentle letlalo leo…


bolayang mopakwana oo,@ usualsuspect i will support u on this one sharia law waga mma


Ke dumalana le Don,cant get a thing,picture ke diphoto tse le tsa kgale tsa black and white,ija,


people help me,how do i get the latest edition ya the voice


mo ke meleko ga a swabe mo ngwaneng a ditolobane

Lamour 72

Is this our own version of MISSION IMPOSSIBLE?