Charma’s side chic joke gone bad
Charma Gal

Eish! What was Charmagal thinking? Or perhaps she wasn’t thinking.

That must just be it! The award winning singer had put her brains on pause at that particular moment because no one in their right mind would ridicule themselves the way Charma did on stage at the BOMU awards when she confessed to not knowing whether she was a side chic or main chic and asked for prayers from the crowd for her to become the main chic.

“Ke kopa gore le nthapediseng ka gore ga keitse gore a ke main chick kana side chick, so ke kopa le nthapeleleng gore ke nne main chic,” she said when receiving one of her two awards.

Those close to the Mmokolodi hit maker however say she was just trying to entertain her fans and people should not read too much into Charma’s statement.

Owai Shaya knows a lot of truths are told in jokes so Shaya started praying immediately and hopefully you shall know soon whether you are the main or the side dish Charma.

In the meantime keep them beats coming!

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