CharmaGal is an irresponsible mother-Report

# Social worker grants Leshman primary custody # recommends for Charma to pay child maintenance to Leshman

A bitter and long child custody battle between local songbird, Magdeline Lesolebe a.k.a Charma Gal and her businessman ex-boyfriend, Resego Matenge, popularly known as Leshman has almost come to an end.

This week presiding judge at the Gaborone High Court, Michael Mothobi postponed the matter to December 12th to give the two parties time to decide on the maintenance costs.

However a report on an inquiry by the Gaborone City council social services department intended to provide the High Court with recommendations on who should be granted custody of the child has already been submitted to the court.

The report, which focuses on the best interest of the child as stipulated in the children’s act recommends that Leshman be granted primary custody of the child whilst Charma Gal should be given visitation rights, The Voice can reveal.

The 24- page document, which portrays Charma Gal as an irresponsible mother states in part that, “ It was realized that Magdeline in comparison with Resego is not fulfilling some of her parental duties. When requested by Resego to assist in fulfilling the child’s right to education by sharing the school fees costs she refused, which she did not deny during the interviews with her. This alone is an act of irresponsibility on her part and a sign of a self centered person.”

The social workers investigations also revealed that Charma was ignorant on who the couple should engage in babysitting the child, which could expose the child to human trafficking dangers by engaging “untraceable people.”

CharmaGal is an irresponsible mother-Report

The report further recommends that, “Both parents should have access to the child’s documents. These includes but not limited to the children medical records and birth certificate.”

“The parent not staying with the child (Charma Gal) most of the time to provide financial assistance to the other parent as maybe directed by the honorable court this will assist in the child’s daily needs and the child’s school fees,” the social worker concluded in her report.

In court the once smitten lovers animosity towards each was palpable as they passed each other through the court halls like strangers. The two publicly split early this year as allegations of infidelity, death threats and use of muti surfaced.

Charma Gal launched the custody case after their child ended up at Leshman’s house in Phakalane with a maid he was left with when Charma went on tour in 2017.

When she returned from the tour and tried to take the child back, Leshman refused to let the boy go, arguing that Charma was placing the welfare of the child in jeopardy by leaving him in the care of questionable maids when she travelled around for music festivals.

She immediately served him with court papers for custody.

The case was heard and Leshman was granted interim custody of the child while Charma got visitation rights and access of the child.

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