Charma gal loses round one in child custody case
IN GOOD TIMES: Resego Matenge and Charma Gal

•    Court grants Leshman temporary custody

After their much-publicized split in February, it looks like there is another ‘war’ looming between former celebrity couple, Charma Gal and Resego Matenge popularly known as Leshman.

The two are now embroiled in a bitter court battle for the custody of their two-year-old son. The case was brought briefly before Gaborone high court judge Michael Mothobi on Monday with Charma Gal demanding primary custody of the child, who is currently living with his father in Phakalane.

Mothobi issued an interim ruling that the minor should continue living with his father whilst a social worker assess the two parent’s lifestyles to determine who is better suited to live with the child.

His ruling gives temporary custody to Matenge and visiting rights to Charma Gal. The case is scheduled to be back in court in two months when the social workers are expected to give their findings.

Speaking in an exclusive interview, 33 -year -old queen of Mosakaso famous for her hit song “Sekuta saga Charma Gal” however said that they were not fighting for the child’s custody but she wanted the court to assist on how they can share the responsibility of raising their son.

“Currently Leshman does not deny me the right to see our child but I want it in writing,” she added before refusing to be drawn into discussing whether she wanted primary custody of the child or not.

Leshman refused to comment on the matter.

The two publicly split early this year as allegations of infidelity, death threats and use of muti surfaced.

Back then sources close to the couple painted a picture of a rocky relationship between two fiercely independent and competitive individuals.

“They didn’t trust each other; time and time again there would be arguments over the use of muti by either party,” claimed a source close to the former power couple.

Although they would not speculate on why the two would be using muti, the source, which agreed to talk on the condition of anonymity, had an even darker accusation to make.

“Leshman has been suspicious that Charma Gal wanted to kill their child and he confided in some of his friends that he was going to allow her to visit the child in his presence only,” they declared.

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