Chaos at battered wife's funeral
Chaos at battered wife's funeral

Abusive husband under fire from angry in-laws

A man whose wife died before the assault case she had lodged against him could come to court has found himself at the receiving end of his in- laws wreath.

Patrick Malala’s wife Norah Apilili Malala, 36,was buried in Maun on Saturday amid scenes of anger and hostility between the Malalas and the Apililis as the latter blamed Patrick, 57, for Norah’s death.

At one point before burial the fight became so intense that the Apililis threatened to leave the funeral to Patrick after he nearly assaulted one of their family members during an argument over Norah’s phone.

Patrick was facing two counts of common assault and unlawful wounding of Norah at the time of her death.

On the first count, Patrick is said to have on March 27th, last year at Boseja ward found his wife sleeping and started accusing her of sleeping with one Losika who is a friend to her.

He is alleged to have then assaulted Norah with a fist on the jaw and kicks on the belly.

On the second count, which reportedly occurred on January 28th this year, Patrick was alleged to have hit Norah with a hammer on the head and stabbed her with a knife on her left palm after she was brought home late by her workmate, Onkabetse Johane.

“Upon arrival Norah noticed someone hiding by the corner of the house and she asked who the person was only to realize it was Patrick. She asked Patrick why he was hiding and he told her that he was waiting for her since he knew that she would arrive home late. She tried to explain to him why she arrived home late but Patrick wouldn’t listen to her but proceeded to assault her,” read court documents.

Before her passing on February 23rd, Norah complained of headaches, chest pains and dizziness, which her family from Zambia suspects to be the course of the injuries he suffered from her husband’s beatings.

Narrating their sister’s story, Norah’s devastated sister Connie Apililie said that their sister was never well after she was assaulted by her husband until on Friday when her situation worsened and she was rushed to the hospital where she was certified dead by doctors.

A family spokesperson, Norah Gross told The Voice in an interview that, “There were times Norah ran away from her abusive husband and came to Zambia and we begged her to go back to her house and work things out with Patrick.

Gross was however cagey on details of what the family plans were following the burial. Intend to do thereafter, the Zambians said they would be leaving back to Zambia where they will engage the entire family about what transpired in Botswana and decide what to do next.

Efforts to get a comment from the Malala family was not successful with the brother to Patrick, the Former Ngamiland District Commissioner’s mobile phone not going through while Patrick’s phone rang unanswered for days.

Meanwhile State Prosecutor, Sub Inspector Paul Basupi is today (Friday 09th) expected to update the court about Norah’s post mortem, which seeks to establish if she died of the injuries inflicted on her by her husband or not.

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