Changing mindsets
Matty Mogapi

Mentorship programme for career growth launched

Navigating life and work terrain can be daunting for many.

That’s why one woman’s tireless efforts to provide a platform for mentorship services free of charge cannot go unnoticed.

Under the Tshiamo Gotlhe Mogapi mentorship programme; young professionals are afforded the unique opportunity to interact with experts from different backgrounds and organisations.

“We offer them a once in a lifetime chance to fully engage with people they would otherwise need to pay money to see speak in other forums,” says founder Matlhogonolo Letsopa Mponang.

A psychologist by training, Mponang is the Deputy Chief Executive Officer at the Botswana Accountancy College.

She attributes her success to many mentors she was lucky to have had throughout her career.

In an effort to give back, Mponang brings together five to six professionals at the Botswana Accounting College Theatre Lecture hall every Sunday to make up a panel of speakers to address attendees on different topics.

The presentations are then followed by an in-depth session with Mponang who aids the mentees to connect and make individual decisions towards their own careers.

Juby Peacock, a 33- year- old social worker who attended the forum for the first time last week said she was expecting to learn how to access the right platforms for career growth.

“However I learnt so many realities about managing a career and the sacrifices people make to succeed. Most importantly I also learnt that I am a brand and that my personal brand represents everything about me including my personality, work, ethics and professionalism. That I have to be relevant and live my brand every day,” Peackock said.

Another attendee; 21 – year- old Tumiso Mokakangwe who recently completed a BA (hons) Accounting and Finance at BAC says he found the session helpful as it exposed him to successful people with wisdom and opportunities that he could tap into.

“I learnt a lot and will be attending more sessions to network and put some of the knowledge to use.”

Human Resource graduate, Bronia Badubi the mentorship programme came at the right time when she was unhappy with her career and its progression.

“I applied for posts and attended interviews but got no feedback, so I talked to Matty, my mentor and through her intervention my perspective changed and I gained more confidence in my capabilities,” she says

Badubi attended sessions with her friends and vows to expand the programme to her birthplace of Selebi Phikwe.

“Change is vital. I shall be sharing what I have learned with others especially the young ones. They have a lot to learn from this programme as it focuses on empowerment in all areas of one’s life.”

The mentorship sessions have previously hosted professionals from the Banking sector, Information Communication Technology, Creative Arts and Academia.

“Attending the programme, I expected to be taught how to do Curriculum Vitae and how to prepare for interviews, but I have been pleasantly surprised. It is totally different as it is real life situations presented by some of the people I never expected to meet. I have attended 3 sessions in total and vow to continue to participate.” Shared Akanyang Mosielele excitedly.

Since graduating in 2013 with a Bachelor of Social Sciences degree, Mosielele 32 has had a tough time securing employment and to make ends meet she runs a small business.

“Through networking at these sessions my business is getting more clients who I could not have had if it was not for this programme. I now have positive people who have become my family who motivate me every day.

“We continue to invite all to participate both as facilitators and attendees. We encourage continued learning although we appreciate that due to other responsibilities not everyone can commit every Sunday to the programme,” noted Mponang.

The programme is in loving memory of Mponang’s late sister who tragically passed on following a car accident a few years ago.

The participants all hold dear the success celebrating hash tags that include #seeyouatthetop# #thebottomiscrowded #garesale.

Everyone who is determined and committed stands to gain big from the sessions.