Premier League to review constitution
Botswana Football Association (BFA) regions and affiliates will tomorrow (Saturday) gather at Maharaja Conference centre in Gaborone for the biennial general assembly.
This year’s assembly is not an elective one and the Botswana Premier League is expected to be the busiest of the affiliates as they will table sensitive motions that were rejected in the past. Sources close to the Premier League say they are already lobbying for support for all their motions in the regions.

The premier league want article 10 of the BFA constitution to be amended to reflect the current trends and requirements of professional football and to also enhance the premier league. The current Premier League Constitution does not reflect a separation of powers between the Board of Governors and the Management Committee. Part of their argument reads: “Although the Constitution establishes the Management Committee, powers and jurisdiction of the same structure are not stipulated resulting in overlapping of responsibilities. Despite the fact that the Management Committee is the one that is involved in the running of the League, it has no rights to attend the Premier League Assembly. We also believe that some of the powers assigned to the Premier League General Assembly should be assigned to the Management Committee. Such functions include but not limited to the following:

Control of Premier League matches, Control, administration and running of cup fixtures and other competitions for the Premier League (article Assembly is given powers to decide employment of personnel in the Premier League, a function which we believe should be assigned to the Management Committee (article 10.5.7).In the current Constitution the Board of Governors has a term of office of two years something which we believe should not be the case due to the fact that members of the BOG are in the board by virtue of them being Chairpersons of the clubs in the Premier League.”

The premier league is expected to argue on this basis tomorrow. The elite league will also fight for the amendment to allow their disciplinary committee to have jurisdiction on all matters emanating from premier league games including issues of violence; they want to act as a tribunal of first instance. “We believe that this will enhance service delivery and also assist in the speedy resolution of cases. We believe that the Premier League Disciplinary Committee is capable of addressing all issues emanating from the Premier League. We also believe that this will reduce the workload of the National Disciplinary Committee (NDC) and therefore enhance its service delivery. Cases will still be referred to the NDC on appeal basis,” the league argues in a paper to be presented to the assembly
The first division north is also expected to table a motion vying for the separation of the league as they say it is a very large area. They want the Maun, Kasane and places around that region to have two leagues which will ultimately produce one winner which they say will reduce expenses.
The other motion is expected to be that calling for a change in the voting system for the BFA, National Executive Committee. Currently members serve four year terms with the other committee members’ term overlapping to the next term to allow continuity. The BFA President David Fani also confirmed that they will table a number of motions.

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