ACCUSED: Mushomba

A Zimbabwean man who allegedly tried to chop off his victim with a chainsaw two years ago has denied the charges leveled against him, dismissing all witnesses as pathological liars.

Despite the overwhelming evidence submitted by five state witnesses against him, 35-year-old Admire Mushomba of Samedupe village, told a Maun Magistrates court during trial that he was not at the alleged crime scene when the incident happened.

Mushomba who is facing a charge of unlawful wounding is alleged to have attacked Nonofo Kgwasi (42) on January 2nd 2016 with a knobkerrie before he wounded him with a chainsaw in a fit of rage.

Kgwasi is said to have sustained injuries on his head, face and arms from the attack and he was admitted in hospital for more than four weeks.

It is alleged that Mushomba had demanded keys to Kgwasi’s house and when he refused he attacked him.

Witnesses who responded to Kgwasi’s screams for help told the court that they found Mushomba holding the blood stained chainsaw and reported the incident to the police who also found him in possession of the saw.

Mushomba has since maintained his innocence and said he was not at Samedupi when the incident occurred. “You are a liar and I put it to you that you have no truth in your life”, he told his alleged victim during cross-examination.

In his testimony, Kgwasi said he narrowly escaped death at Mushomba nearly annihilated him for no reason. “He nearly sawed me to death and the pain that I experienced that time was so excruciating,” said Kgwasi.

Other state witnesses, Galeboelwe Gaotingwe (57), Goromilwemang Gaotingwe (72), Onkgomoditse Babinakgosi (60) as well as the Investigating Officer in the matter, Gaeswabe Seremile, identified the chainsaw and corroborated Nonofo’s story.

The case continues on February 9th when Mushomba is expected to call two witnesses who are in prison.
(By Gobuamang Masasa and Boikanyo Sarefo)

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