SHAMED: Surtee

Celebrated member of Mophato Dance Group, Isaac Hassan Surtee, appeared before Extension 12 Magistrate Court on Tuesday for failing to maintain his three-month-old son.

The 27-year-old choreographer from Tonota was summoned by the baby’s mother, Fatima Gabatshwane, who told the court that Surtee had not made any effort to support his child since the boy’s birth in December.

Gabatshwane revealed she has been unemployed for the last three years and that her pensioner parents were the ones supporting the kid.

She asked that Surtee pay P3, 342 per month towards the maintenance of their child.

However, the dancer, who has been making headlines for the wrong reasons recently, told the court that the amount required was too steep for him, claiming he could only afford P150 per month.

Despite the numerous trips and appearances overseas with the internationally acclaimed Mophato Band, he pointed out that the job was part time and he had no contract with the group.

The court asked him to be serious and look for a job. He was ordered to pay P300 every month without fail.

Speaking to The Voice outside court, Gabatshwane expressed her disappointment at her ex- boyfriend’s behaviour towards his own child.

“He drinks at expensive drinking holes, uses an iPhone but doesn’t want to look after his child, it is a shame,” she said.

Surtee was trending on social media at the beginning of the year after his alleged love affair with an air-hostess was made public.

He is said to have caused a scene at Sebele Mall after Gabatshwane had confronted him in the presence of his new lover.

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