Taes is known for his uber style, but matching with his woman? That’s the way to go

They are young, vibey, in love and ready to hit the streets together. Local celebrities seem to be warming up to the idea of having that one person they can call their own and they don’t shy away from hanging out at various spots with that particular person. As much as they may be some groupie love, and of course a bit of temptation and cheating now and then, there’s that one special person.
I could not help but notice a few of these couples that have been together for sometime now, those couples who even have one of the his and hers bracelets. But what has caught the Fashionista’s eye is of course their fashion statements, that seems to be getting tastier by the day, as each of their partners gets into their lives and influences the other’s taste. My pleasure though, comes with the fact that the young popular beings are paying attention more and more to their public appearances. It is no longer about rocking up in a pair of sagging jeans and thinking you are the coolest dude in the room. It is about following the theme and dressing up for the occasion.

Clearly Mapetla’s woman has done a lot of work on the once ruggered Kwaito man

In this page are four celebrity couples at different occasions. The soon-to-be-parents Scar and Nicole were spotted at the Miss Botswana Fashion show, new parents Mapetla and Mercy at the eBotswana TV launch, maturing in the parenthood Taes and Tsotso at the Miss Botswana grand finale, while the young Petula and her man were spotted at a weekend gig in Fashion Lounge. Talk about dressing for the occasion, with your other half, celebville Small houses, eat your hearts out and say NO tonight, because yes, they are so still together, haha!
Send through pictures of any other celebrity couple you may’ve spotted out and about and stand a chance to walk away with Sarita merchandise.

Instead of questions, I am getting so much love it is amazing. I just thought I should show off and get the haters and negative people gagging with distaste, by sharing a few positive email feedbacks I get on a daily basis, other than the live ones in the streets or Facebook. Why not? Plus it is my page and I can do as I please, if you can’t handle it, you may get your own on any media space available, or flip through to the next page. And if it means me being the first Motswana that takes credit where it’s due and openly celebrates it, so be it. One day you too will see the light and follow suit. Plus it’s a free country, right? Smile, it keeps you looking younger! Ask me, I know…

Dear Mpho,
I was looking forward to your page after Miss Botswana to see which items you have picked for the issue. Batswana ba ne ba kgabile! (Batswana were dressed up!)
You have influenced Batswana’s dress sense in a great way and it is always exciting when big events come up because people are now putting more effort on looking good.

Hi Fashionista,

Wow! Your fashion tastes and trends are awesome. You are a style icon, period! I saw your article and I am interested in what you do. Please keep it alive no matter what.
Eunice and Samantha


And if you are a WOMAN that wants to be comfortable about you, your style and surrounding, check Maitisong Theatre for Mandi Mash’s Shak’n not Stirred 2, this Thursday 3rd-6th June. For only P120, bring your girls along. I’ll be there. Call 75430560 for more info.

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really boring


Mercedess snd whoeva! ke lefufa selo seo, why cant u do something better urself re tle re bone!


Ba bantle,ebile ba tshwanelana.


ahh…..reta reng….ka ba ipona bale nosi….ba bantle


owai……ga gona sepe fa,ke go itshupa fela.ke bana ba eng ba ba diriwang batho basa nyalana.guys u have 2 lead by example.CONDOMISE


ke dumalana le wena Bonolo


Make sure the pictures you want sent in are for people who consent to being posted!


Is this a joke gatwe celebrity couples who are celebrities in this case?

Mis G

gone hela ko ntle ga mona ba a tshwanelwa


there are no celebrities mo bots.batho ba bolawa ke pelo fela go bidiwa go twe celebrities.let them keep on dreaming.

dey luk gud 2geda


moporota gosiame u r a celebrity.these ppl r celebrities in terms of Botswana boundaries.le kgaeditswe ke go woshipa makgoa ba le ka sekeng le ba match .kgaa kwa!!!!!!!!


ba botlhe ba le ntseng le jalasetsa ba bangwe….shut up and get a life


ba tshwanelana Mapetla n his lady.