PRESENTER: Tumie Ramsden ATTORNEY: Yvonne Chilume

Botswana joins the world in commemorating Women’s Day

As the world commemorated International Women’s Day on Tuesday, women from all walks of life converged at Botswana Craft to celebrate, reflect and talk about issues that affect them.

The event was also used as a platform to encourage women to always aim for the best and to never give up despite the circumstance they might find themselves in.

Voice Reporter Thato Gwakuba was there to capture what the speakers at the event had to say and share with their counterparts.

Tumie Ramsden, presenter at Yarona FM, TV presenter and former editor of Flair magazine.

This day means celebrating, reflecting on where we have come from, what we have achieved and what we haven’t. Can we really say enough has been done to uplift the lives of women in the past 100 years? My motto is: “A candle looses nothing by lighting another”. This means by helping the next person you are losing nothing but instead you are making yourself a better person. I have been mentoring Mimi Modimakwane of Yarona FM as my way of lighting someone’s candle.

Yvonne Chilume, attorney and partner at Chilume & Co.

This day is the day to reflect on what women have been through since we gained our independence and how the position of a woman in the society has changed. We must celebrate the fact that we have women in positions of power. We may not be where we want to be but let’s celebrate what we have achieved this far and continue fighting for the best

ADVOCATE: Sekgabo Ramsay PSYCHOLOGIST: Celia Ajuba

Sekgabo Ramsay, advocate for people living with disabilities

As we commemorate this day let’s think mostly about women living with disabilities who are discriminated against here in Botswana. They don’t get equal opportunities, be it in education or work. We also have many cases of them being abused and neglected in times of need. There is a story of a Molepolole woman who was hit by a stroke and her husband took her to her sister with promises that he will come back in a few days but never returned. Later he served her with divorce papers just because she was now disabled. These are issues that we should bear in mind and address as we commemorate this day.

Celia Ajuba,psychologist and owner of a training company

Women are faced with many challenges and abuse which can be physical, emotional and sexually. Most women are also bread winners regardless of whether they are working or not. For those who are not employed prostitution becomes the only solution and this then puts them in high risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. So as we join the world in celebrating our day, let us reflect and think of ways that will make life better for each and every one of us.

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