Celebrating love
Celebrating love

Divas spill the beans on V-Day celebrations

They blow up the airwaves with their soulful sounds transporting many to their fantasies, whilst soothing broken hearts and inspiring dreams.

They are the ‘IT’ girls followed my legions of fans earning awards and accolades on their respective paths as songstresses.

Their music has given hope, been soundtracks to love stories and continue to captivate audiences across multiple stages.

As Valentine’s Day approaches approaches, we are curious of the ballads they will have on rotation to celebrate the day of love.


Valentine’s Day is about love and celebrating the existence of it.

Although I am a firm believer that love should be expressed and celebrated throughout ones relationship, there is absolutely nothing wrong with choosing to celebrate Valentine’s Day because it’s an extension of showing your partner that you appreciate them.

A home maker, social entrepreneur, business woman, radio personality and fitness enthusiast; Samantha Mogwe says, although she subscribes to celebrating Valentine’s, she is of the view that the day of love ought to be an everyday celebration.

My husband is my Valentine.” Mogwe says being a performing artist one has to make peace with missing certain celebrations.

“Most times I am working and making others happy, so my own celebration comes afterwards. With my profession, it’s best to just know from the beginning not to expect to celebrate certain holidays. So we plan around these and make the most of it. This time around like many times before, we will go on a romantic dinner date the day after Valentine’s Day.” Mogwe says they will probably blast her all time favourite ballad; Make me whole by Amel Larrieux, from her ‘Infinite Possibilities’ Album.


Having recently moved to Johannesburg in search of greater opportunities to grow her art, the sultry singer says; “As a teenager, Valentine’s was that one day you anxiously waited for your crush to send you a gift or ask you out, now as a young lady it’s become an excuse to get extra chocolates or go out for an event. The best female single YAMAS winner says the day presents an opportune time to indulge her love for rom- coms for Valentines or if opportunity arises, go out for a live music event. She goes on to say, “Honestly for my husband and I, Valentine’s Day isn’t much of a priority, so I’m not expecting any gifts nor will I be giving any, we prefer to celebrate our love on our anniversary more than on Valentine’s Day.”

Celebrating love
Jessica Thato

Still engulfed by the excitement of her recent electrifying performance during the 5th Yarona FM Music Awards, Jessica says she and her hubby of three years will probably sashay to her favorite love song of all time – Music in the Air by Letta Mbulu.

“There is a line that says, “Look for love in the music, lost in the melody you’ll find love,” and that is exactly how I found love, my husband and I met through doing music together,” she giggles.


Award winning artist, Amantle Brown has accumulated nine musical awards since breaking into the music industry a few years ago.

Her songs are often full of emotion based on love and the realities of life. Her performances are often captivating with high energy begging for audiences to join in song and dance.

Although she recently became single again, the beauty says, “Valentines is a day when lovers express their affection with affection and gifts. I prefer to call it the day of romance.

Celebrating love
Amantle Brown

To celebrate the day, Brown says she buys gifts and makes dinner.

“It is often a private setting as I am not an outgoing person. I prefer quiet romantic moments without the fuss of crowds.” Brown says she had not planned anything for Valentine’s this time around as she has recently become single. However she is quick to add that she is lucky as someone has asked to take her out on the day. “I was like, I like myself, he likes me so let’s try this and may be something will come out of it.” she chuckles.

Should the date go well, Brown and her date would enjoy her all time love song by Bon Jovi – Bed of Roses.

We wish them the best and happy Valentine’s Day.

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