Celebrating black culture
Celebrating black culture

There is a heightened appreciation of the black culture and African aesthetics that have been at the back door for some time.

Surely time is up for not appreciating Africa’s rich and diverse culture and fashion.

With the release of the number 1 movie right now, Black Panther, it is from Africa’s culture and visuals that spearhead as the inspiration of the world’s creativity.

Africans are now totally aware of themselves and majority of us know that our voice matters, that we matter as people.

I was particularly inspired to share this because for starters, I have been an advocate of African fashion and its aesthetics ever since I got into the fashion industry!

Moreover, the fact that the costume designer, Ruth Carter’s inspiration was the Okavango delta, this is a noteworthy fact we as Batswana should marvel on.

Black Panther proves to be an important narrative from its portrayal of race and gender to the overall importance of having black superheroes as main characters, rather than sidekicks.

It acknowledges and celebrates traditional African society as a cultural oasis and it points towards a future where African culture is heightened.

Fashion is culture in design, so here are some of the fashion statements that celebrated this release with an African cultural narrative!

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