Celeb Edition with Tumie Nthutang
GAME CHANGER: Tumie Nthutang

Lobatse native Tumie Nthutang is a prominent local blogger, fashion stylist, digital entrepreneur and student.

The trend-setting social media influencer is known for her striking dress sense and currently has a following of more than 23, 000 on Instagram.

Q. Why did you choose the social media ‘influencer’ route?

A. I didn’t choose to become one. I started out as a blogger and eventually learnt you could turn it into a business and commercialize, which is what paved the way for influencing.

Q. You were recently unveiled as the Brand Ambassador for the new POLO Volkswagen – how does it feel?

A. I am the New Polo Game changer. It is an honour and an exciting time as Volkswagen has selected a few movers and shakers who are doing amazing things in their industry as game changers in South Africa and Botswana.

To be appointed as the game changer for Botswana is really humbling and a bit nerve wracking as this is the first time the brand has worked with creatives, particularly in Botswana, and I got to be the first.

Q. Which local celebrity would you love to spend a week with and why?

A. I can’t pick one. Mpho Sebina and Lizibo, just so they could sing for me everyday for that week.

ATI because he seems down to earth and fun and lastly BanT – I don’t know him personally but I respect his craft! I believe he is a star, in terms of how he carries his brand.

It would be interesting to have a chat on branding and marketing with him.

Q. What’s the most beautiful place you’ve ever been?

A. Cape Town! Don’t get me wrong there are other amazing places out there but there’s something refreshing about Cape Town.

People there are candidly themselves.

People there work harder and play even harder.

The fashion, the food, the lifestyle is just amazing!

Q. If you could time travel, where would you go?

A. I think I would go to Brenda Fassie and Lebo Mathosa’s prime years in SA.

I love their music – what I love most was that they were unapologetically themselves.

They were present and loud during a time when black female stars were not bold enough to be.

They lived their lives fully – I would definitely do brunch with them, one last time.

Q. Any advice for up coming media influencers?

A. My advice is that they must work hard and pray harder.

They must also be consistent – I believe sometimes consistency beats talent because there are many talented people who fail to succeed because they don’t take their craft seriously.

Be consistent and intentional in all you do.

Q. Five things people don’t know about you?

  • I am a very good cook
  • I have always wished I was a little shorter than my current height, just a little bit!
  • I love short hair, I wish I was brave enough to rock it and maintain it
  • I prefer reading at home over going out to socialize
  • Although I am outgoing and sociable, I am guarded

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