Celeb Edition with Tshegofatso Khutswane

This week Celeb Edition features the beautiful Tshegofatso Khutswane.

The 19-year-old was recently crowned Miss Independence 2018, winning over the judges with her dazzling smile and stunning good looks.

The Mmadinare native is currently in her second year studying General Nursing at the Institute of Health Sciences in Serowe.

Q. What will you do if the only man who makes you laugh, is also the one to make you cry?

A. Well the fact that he makes me laugh, I prefer happiness over holding onto a grudge, so I would let him be and get over the time he hurt me!

Q. If the President invited you for a chat, what would you say to him?

A. We have come really far with our independence and we are proud of our accomplishments as a nation.

However, our culture is deteriorating in Botswana, especially with youth.

So I think it would really be a good start to involve youth in cultural activities that intrigue them and be able to uplift culture.

Q. How are you feeling at this moment?

A. Honestly I am super excited like ‘wow I made it!’ – yes, I am the “Queen” MmaBoipuso!

I’m happy as well to have come this far with my dreams and I can look back and be proud to say I have walked the journey quite well.

Q. What advice would you give someone who is entering a pageant for the first time?

A. My advice would be, pageantry is a good platform to boost your confidence and show people your talent and of course being a beauty with brains.

But the most important thing about it is to relax, have fun and ‘walk the stage’.

Q. Who has it easier in life: men or women?

A. From my perspective I think men have it easier.

Yes, both of us work so hard and struggle to achieve certain goals in life but men have to only have the right people in right places to reach their peak as compared to women who have to work extra hard to fall into that league – but yes it is debatable.

Q. If you were given the chance to be beautiful but not so smart or extremely intelligent but not so beautiful, which would you choose?

A. I would prefer to be very smart but not so beautiful.

Beauty fades away but being wise will remain forever – I believe that is a part of personality as well.

Q. Would you change your religion to marry the person you love?

A. Well I respect any other different religion out there and would not persuade someone to leave their religion if they do not want to, so as much as I value their religion, I except that in return.

So, honestly, I would not change my religion to marry the person I love; we would really have to work something out to make it easier and flexible for both of us to practice our own religions.

Q. What was the one big mistake in your life, and what would you do to make it right?

A. My one big mistake in life was not exercising my full potential academically and not starting where I wanted with my career.

However, it turned out to be the best path ever, even it will take me years to specialise in what I wanted.

Q. What’s the worst date you have ever been on?

A. I haven’t been on a bad date before, but if I was to go on a bad date I would just laugh it off and come up with an excuse to leave if it’s that bad!

Q. What would you like to read as the headline in tomorrow’s newspaper?

A. The face of Miss Independence!

Q. Five things people don’t know about you?

  • I love dancing, I dance all the time, regardless of the place
  • I love eating traditional foods, especially delele with mabele
  • I play softball; I love softball and if I had the chance I would join any team.
  • I am a very spiritual person, a very committed Christian
  • I am very generous with a helping hand

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