Celeb edition Thapelo Malani
SEER: Thapelo Malani

22-year-old Thapelo Malani is a man with a vision for greatness and has already overcome much adversity in his short time on the planet.

The visually impaired Maitengwe-born comedian burst onto the limelight in 2016, marking his maiden appearance at the Heavyweight International Comedy Festival in GICC with a stellar performance.

The quick-witted funnyman has not looked back since!

Q. When did you lose your sight?

In 2009 when I was doing Standard Six.

Although I managed to complete my primary education I didn’t make it to Junior school because I was hit by stroke.

Q. What do you think government should be doing to empower disabled people?

Although we are human beings like any other people, government must consider having a quota for us.

During Presidential competitions there must be a category for us and on tenders too, we need that exemption.

Q. Growing up, what was your dream job?

I wanted and still want to work as a radio or television presenter – I will combine it well with comedy!

Q. Have you ever made a joke that people didn’t laugh at?


And how did you react to that?

I thought fast and used my condition as a blind person to my advantage.

I asked if everyone had gone out and they laughed back.

I got relieved and carried on with the show.

Q. Where do you want to perform in the future?

My aim is Europe.

I am currently on SADC tour through our stable, Major Moves Comedy and hope to impress those from Europe.

Q. How do you get around?

My cousins, Ronald and Tawina Malani drive me around and if held up I use a cab.

Q. Who is your role model?

Thapelo Tips, knowns as Shampoonaiza.

Q. What is your favourite drink?

Red Grape.

Q. Favourite music?

Country music.

Q. Your celebrity crush?

Rosina Phumaphi.

Q. Your wish in life?

I want to meet President Mokgweetsi Masisi.

It would be an honour to have a meeting with him.

Q. Five things that people don’t know about you?

  1. I am a motivational speaker
  2. I was once a soccer player
  3. I am a good MC
  4. I have a maintenance and construction company
  5. I am a football analyst

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