Celeb edition with Shathi Bee
Shathi Bee

Her short videos, which are mostly shot in her mother tongue, Ikalanga, have made, Shathi Bee Buckley of ‘Yebo Yes’ fame an instant celebrity.

The 29-year-old Mathangwane native started her comedy videos from her room in Isesaki – a small Japenese town located roughly two-hours from Tokyo – where she works as an English teacher.

Take us through your videos and how the idea came about.

I was homesick, missing my family and wanted to share with them my day-to-day life.

Without really thinking about it, I found myself in front of my camera shooting.

In Japan there is a popular drink called Coco Perekisi and after sharing with my family they laughed and enjoyed it, forcing me to share it on Facebook.

I had no script at all but was surprised by the response I got.

With more than 24, 000 viewers for my first video, it pushed me to do more.

Q. What has been your line of comedy?

A. I mostly show people the lifestyle and how things are in Japan.

I also want to promote the Kalanga language because some feel embarrassed to speak it in public.

With my videos, some came out and thanked me, saying they no longer feel embarrassed any more.

I want to promote my culture and country at a bigger stage.

There has been a lot of interest in my work especially here, as well as in Japan, South Africa and Malawi because they are more interested in my language, some can understand a bit of it and want to know exactly what language I’m speaking because it’s similar to theirs.

Q .Have you ever been in trouble because of your jokes?

A. Of course! You know when you do such things you don’t look at age, I just play around.

My aunt once reprimanded me after I said I was going to tickle her!

Q. Apart from comedy and teaching, what else do you do?

A. I am also an artist and will soon release an album.

I have recorded some songs here in Botswana and some will be done in Japan.

Q. How do you manage to stay grounded?

A. I treat all my followers with respect.

I respond to all their comments and always try to make time for them.

With that I have never being insulted or verbally abused by any.

During festive, I went as far as Maun and there were instances that some recognised me and asked for my attention and pictures.

I do attend to them all, even if I’m busy!

Q. Five things people do not know about you

  • I am afraid of cockroaches
  • I am fluent in Japanese
  • I love all animals, except cockroaches!
  • I love tattoos
  • I once performed in front of 40, 000 people

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