Celeb edition with Seabelo Modibe

He is arguably one the most sought after music promoters and commentators in the country.

This week, Seabelo Modibe, popularly known as Sbizo, was the talk of the town after he delivered an emotional eulogy during his long time friend and South African star, Hip Hop Pantsola’s (HHP) funeral service. Celeb Edition visited Modibe for a chat about Jabba and his thoughts on the local music industry.

Q. How would you describe Seabelo Modibe?

I am a Mokgatla

Q. As one of the pioneers of the local music industry, what do you think needs to be done to improve and cultivate the music scene?

The arts have seriously turned into orphans for Government Development projects.

There is need for political will because in the past our political leaders saw musicians only as crowd pullers for the political rallies and not businessmen and women.

Q. You recently buried your music and business partner, the legendary Motswako star, HHP. How did you receive the news of his passing?

I was flying out to Spain so I switched my phone off.

When I eventually landed and switched it back on I found around 1, 402 WhatsApp messages, including yours!

Q. What is the one lesson you learnt from Jabba over the years you worked with him?

He believed that people should not be greedy and that people should always share with others no matter the little they have.

Q. What is the inspiration behind your annual event, Botswana Music Conference?

I want to build the industry at home.

I want to see youngsters understanding that the music business is not access to getting free booze and free passes to major events and girl.

I want them to understand that music is a business and is something that one can make serious wealth from!

Q. What is your personal opinion on the whole Jabba’s family and Lerato Sengadi saga?

I am still Jabba’s friend, I can’t talk about his relationship in a public space.

Also the matters are still before the courts, I would not want to get into it. Sorry.

Q. Will we ever see the rebirth of the Mascom Boosta Bash?

Never say never.

Q. In your opinion, who is the biggest artists in Botswana?

There is nothing like a big artist in Botswana – here an artist is just an artist, it ends there!

Five things people do not know about you

  • What you see is what you get with me
  • I will shock you
  • I am not the type that keeps secrets
  • I am a very sensitive person
  • I am self-made

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