Celeb edition with Onkgopotse Mugende aka Mdala ka Tjeludo
COMIC GENIUS: Mdala ka Tjeludo

Onkgopotse Mugende better known as Mdala ka Tjeludo is growing more popular by the day.

The 36-year-old Tutume-born funnyman first came to prominence with his short video sketches, in which he frequently complained about his unemployed neighbor who he suspected was having an affair with his wife.

Tjeludo’s jokes landed him a slot on Duma FM where he co –hosts ‘The only political satire in Botswana’ with Costy Moloi.

Q. When did your comedy journey begin?

A. I started comedy in 1997 while doing my Cambridge at Denjebuya Junior School and proceeded with it at Tutume McConnell College.

While at senior school I scooped first position for a one-man show titled, ‘A man with a certificate.’

Q. How would you describe your comedy?

A. I do political satire.

Q. What inspired you?

A. I was inspired by Gideon Kgalemang, who I still think is the best actor of all the time but he is working in the safaris now.

The other person who inspired me was Ndumili Nchakata – he is a natural born actor and just like Kgalemang he is into business.

Q. What do you do on a daily basis?

A. I am preparing for a comedy show scheduled for February but most of the time I move around marketing myself.

I also MC at gigs and weddings.

I read a lot to familiarise myself with current affairs; the path I took needs one to be up to date.

Q. How did your tag line ‘Ditori tsa ditori, ditori tse di serious’ come about?

A. It all started on a trip in Durban with Rea Vaya team.

We were shooting a video then I remarked ‘Durban ke ditori tse di serious’ and it became a hit.

Q. Five things people do not know about you

  • I am an ordained pastor
  • I am fluent in 15 languages
  • I don’t drink alcohol in the first three months of the year.
  • I once had a football team, which Uyapo Ndadi played for.
  • I am the first born of two boys

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