Celeb edition with ‘Moshimane wa bokone Bophirima’; Lovemore Mario

Famous for his trademark expression, ‘Moshimane wa bokone Bophirima’, Lovemore Mario is no stranger.

The Botswana Television star has become a household name over the years for his poise and dedication to his craft.

Celeb Edition caught up with the pint-sized star in Kasane recently.

Q. Take us through your media journey.

I studied Broadcasting at Limkokwing University before joining RB2 in 2009 as a Sports Presenter.

I then moved to Btv in 2012, initially as a Sports Reporter and then as a Producer (‘The Eye’ and ‘Matlho a Phage’ – current affairs programs).

In 2014 I was transferred to Chobe to Kasane Btv Station.

Q. Have you ever fumbled on live television?

(Laughing) Well it was back when I was on Radio.

I was in the middle of a presentation and saw some beautiful ladies – I think they were Miss Botswana contestants who had come to the studio.

Instead of saying Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, I said Nelson Madigizela Mandela.

It was during his funeral, I think it was during his memorial service.

Q. Who do you look up to both internationally and locally in the media space?

Locally it’s Bethani Mando.

He’s also a friend of mine, very creative, well disciplined and loves his job.

Internationally it is (Christiane) Amanpour of CNN.

I like the way she conducts her interviews, more especially when interviewing heads of states.

Q. Who is your celebrity crush?

Emma Wareus.

Q. Play Station or Monopoly?

Play Station.

Q. Who is the last person you texted and what did you say?

My younger sister.

I was alerting her about a job advert that I saw from BW Jobs.

Q. Who would you rather: Neymar or Luka Modric?

Luka Modric.

Q. Would you rather travel by road or train?


Q. If you had one super power what would it be?

Invisibility. So that I can sneak into my girlfriend’s space and see whether she is cheating or not!

And also so I can be next to people listening to them when they talk about me.

Q. If you were not on TV, what career path do you think you would have taken?

Pilot. I have always been fascinated by planes from a young age.

Q. Five things people don’t know about you?

  • I love God
  • I have very short fingers and it takes time for one to notice
  • I once ate poisoned sweets at the age of seven
  • I once became a chess champion beating the whole country at Junior Schools Championships
  • People don’t know that I love them

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