Celeb edition with Marang Molosiwa
Marang Molosiwa

From child star to one of Botswana’s most influential profiles, 28-year-old Marang Molosiwa has lived much of her life in the public eye.

This week CELEB EDITION visits the glowing mother-to-be for a quickie.

You became a TV star at an early age.

Tell us about the reality of being catapulted into the public eye as a child.

Though I loved what I did, early fame came with immense pressure and quite an unconventional childhood.

For the most part, I couldn’t partake in sports or extramural activities because most of the shooting and recording of voice overs were done on weekdays in the afternoon.

We also met every Saturday which meant I’d either arrive late at family and social gatherings or not attend at all.

So I missed out on some important milestones and moments in a child’s life.

Primary school was a difficult period for me as I was bullied a lot and had very few friends.

I suppose because I seemed to have it all.

Q. If the world of showbiz hadn’t come calling, what career path would you have chosen?

Clichéd as this may sound, I have never imagined myself doing anything else.

I strongly believe I was born a performer, in all facets of performance!

The beauty of having extensive experience and qualifications in Drama and Film is that I am able to work on and off-stage and screen, whether it’s in production, performance management or academia.

My current focus is production and academia, not so much on-screen and stage performance.

Q. If you could choose one superpower for the day what would it be?

Reading minds.

Q. What is the one trait you would change about your personality?

I am a worrywart of note.

I worry about every single thing.

The upside of that is it makes me a great researcher and planner so as to keep my mind at ease.

Q. What is the last thing you do before going to sleep?

It’s my time to mediate and reflect on the day then plan for the next.

I end my day with a conversation with God.

Q. When was the last time you cried – and why?

I am such a crybaby! I cry when I’m happy.

I cry when I’m sad. Movies and song make me cry!

I cry all the time! (laughing).

Q. Who is your celebrity crush?

Diphetogo Selolwane!

Q. How do you use your brand influence to change the world?

It has and will always be imperative for me to use my artistic talent, privilege and position to advocate for social change through my brand and the activities and affiliations I engage in.

Currently I am in the education space as a stage and screen lecturer.

I take pride in knowing that I am grooming young talent that will be active participants and builders of our local film, theatre and TV industries.

I am playing a hand in shaping that generation of creatives.

I am also a founding member of a youth organisation, Minds for Tomorrow, whose aim is to create a safe space for dialogue and engagement that will nurture personal development and a drive for social impact.

We organise spaces that encourage young minds to deeply interrogate social issues, engage with differing views as well as act on them through our two flagship programs: Minds Collectives (monthly meet ups) and Thuto Tools (high school education program).

I also work with organisations that speak to the needs of children, UNICEF and SKY Girls BW.

Q. Massive congratulations on your pregnancy. Have you come up with names for the baby yet?

We have one name, given to us by my mother.

She says it came in a dream so we feel that it’s a blessed name set out for us through her from God.

Q. Sneakers or high heels?

Depends on my mood and the event.

Q. Ban T or Scar?

Both. You can’t compare the two.

Q. Do you have any body art?

No I don’t. But I am not opposed to it.

Maybe some day.

Q. Five things people don’t know about you?

  1. I am not a child anymore (laughing). It’s funny because even at 28, people still see 11-year-old Marang from Mantlwaneng!
  2. I love travelling. I’ve made a promise to treat myself to a holiday at least once a year, internationally
  3. My favourite colour is grey – such a sophisticated colour
  4. I don’t have a sweet tooth and don’t care much for chocolate!
  5. I come from a family of all girls. I am the 3rd born

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