Celeb edition with Kabo Lokwalo aka Oracle

He originally burst onto the scene as a fresh-faced 19-year-old back in 2003 with his sensational debut album ‘Sex’.

Having gone on to establish himself as one of the country’s finest Hip Hop talents of all time, 35-year-old Oracle (born Kabo Lokwalo) has since put his solo music career on hold but continues to spit bars on features.

Q. Do you believe Hip Hop is dead?

A. No I don’t think so, not by far! I mean look at it: Hip Hop is the most endorsed genre internationally.

It has more endorsement deals, more than any other genre.

Of course there is a new breed of ‘mumble jumble’ rappers as compared to the ‘more serious’ rappers of before but I would say Hip Hop is growing, it still remains the most influential genre.

Q. Some argue that the current local Hip Hop scene is vastly inferior to when you first started, back in 2003. Your thoughts on this?

A. I don’t think so, I actually believe the opposite that it got stronger, the culture is growing.

I mean back in my day there were cats like Vee with his Letlhale, there was Franco with his legion of fans, there was Traditional music folks and in my time and it was only me and Scar who were really kicking it.

Right now if you switch on the radio you realise that there is actually a pool of rappers who are putting their work out there.

Q. Locally which rapper appeals to you and why?

A. I impress my damn self! But after me it would have be one Marinade Buzae; he could be anywhere and sound dope.

Also I like the fact that he is crazy.

Q. Any new music in the works?

A. The idea was to put the music on hold and work on other things.

But you know, as an artist you always end up in studio one way or the other!

I don’t have anything in the works personally but I am featuring on a couple of features.

Q. Tell us about beefs in Hip Hop, are they necessary?

A. Beefs are not necessary anywhere!

The problem with the local scene is people try to copy what is happening overseas without looking at the culture here.

You have one Ozi F Teddy who brings out a diss track against ATI but when you look at the actual reason for beefs, there is no issue for beefs.

Q. If you were to battle any local rapper, who do you think would give you a hard time?

A. No one!

Q. Five things people don’t know about you

  • I am a man of extreme faith
  • I’m very well read
  •  I wrote my first album at 19 years
  • Got offered a Hip Hop deal in South Africa before any other Hip Hop artist locally
  • I watch a lot of interviews and documentaries

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