Celeb edition with Kabelo Mogwe

Botswana’s most decorated traditional group, Culture Spears’ frontman, Kabelo Mogwe, 37, this week opens up to Celeb Edition about music and life in celebville.

Q. Please summarize your musical journey for us.

A. Culture spears was formed by the four of us, Magdeline Lesolebe, Thembeni Ramosetheng, Angeline Mogwatheng and Myself.

It was formed back in 2004 in Kazungula. We recorded our first album in Zimbabwe.

We had great support since the beginning; we have been very fortunate to be supported not only in Botswana but also across Africa.

I believe we have earned our legendary status and our names will forever be engraved in music history books.

Q. Any possibility of reconciliation between Charma Gal and Culture spears, I see you have been touring together recently.

A. It is true we have hosted music shows with Charma Gal; I know our fans are waiting with bated breath for the day we officially re-unite.

But now they have their own solo projects so it is not as easy as one would like, however, just watch this space.

Honestly Charma is back with the group but we just have to work around the logistics so that we don’t confuse people on the two brands, being Charma Gal the solo artist and her with the Group.

Q. What would you say has been the most embarrassing moment in your life?

A. The time when Culture Spears was marred in controversy, you see Culture Spears was a very big project and to see it tear apart like it did broke my heart.

But its life, life happened, some things were inevitable but we emerged stronger.

It has even taught us personally how to handle certain situations, but we are coming back stronger like I say.

Q. What advice do you have for upcoming artists?

A. Music is growing, we are now in the digital era and people should take advantage of that.

Now artists have to work extra hard, they should do music for the love of it and not for the celebrity status, music is a business.

They should also take time to study because the industry is complicated nowadays.

Q. Which artist would you like to work with locally?

A. Locally it would be Maxy.

Another one would be Franco and Stiga Sola and Anafiki.

These are all legends that I dream of working with.

Q. Which of the songs is your favorite?

A. (Laughs) I love all my songs really, they are all my babies but maybe I would say Kulenyane.

Because that song made us who we are, at times we were called Kulenyane group.

And maybe followed by Selonyana

Q. Five things people don’t know about you?

  • I am believer
  • I have two siblings, we are triplets.
  • I am a firm believer in peace, I don’t like fights.
  • My mother and father were musicians; I get some of my songs from her.
  • I am from a family of musicians

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