Celeb edition with Joseph Boloko AKA Seven

34-year-old Joseph Boloko AKA Seven is the man who formed famous traditional group Mafitlhakgosi.

This week Celeb edition turns to Old Naledi to the man who single handedly managed to keep his protégés off the streets through dance.

Q. Tell us how it came about for you to form Mafitlhakgosi?

A. I formed Mafitlhakgosi traditional group back in 2009. Back then I was with Mogwana traditional group and my siblings developed interest in dancing.

They would see me travel all over the country and that’s how their interest in dancing came about, so I started teaching them how to dance, professionally that is.

So Mafitlhakgosi really started as a family thing.

Q. When did you start dancing?

A. I started dancing as early as when I was doing standard 3 at Tshwaragano Primary School.

Q. I was introduced to professional dancing by one Moses Ntungwane; he introduced me to Mogwana Traditional group.What traits should one have to be able to be a good traditional dancer?

A. Anyone can dance, but not everyone can be an exceptional dancer.

It is really about the love for dancing and treating it as a livelihood.Name at least three countries you have travelled to as a result of traditional dance

You just want three? I have been to New York, Denmark, Germany, Japan, China and Canada, we will be travelling to another city but I will not say which one for now.

Q. Do you pay your dancers?

A. You see when the group started it was not for profit making, it was a family thing like I mentioned earlier, but we grew so I don’t really have a monthly stipend for them but I help them out as when they need assistance.

I help out with their school uniforms, most of them did not have passports now they do, so we try and make life a little bit bearable for them.

At the end of the year that is when I give each member something to go home with.

Q. How old is your youngest member?

A.Three, his stage name is DJ Kwalata.

Q. What music apart from Traditional do you listen to?

A. I listen to hip-hop. I am such a huge fan of Casper Nyovest and locally K-Boss.

Q. Highlight of your career?

A. Definitely Performing alongside Rick Ross.

Q. Tell me five things people don’t know about you

  • I am very good football player
  • I can rap
  • I am badass with the four-string guitar
  • I come from a family of seven siblings
  • The famous members of our group, young Bera is actually my nephew and not my son.

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