Celeb Edition with Jazzelle Kebakile

She is the golden voice of radio.

However, despite her fame she remains remarkably grounded, an unusual trait in an increasingly ego-driven industry.

This week Celeb Edition features Jazzelle Kebakile.

Tell us about your journey with radio

I started working on radio when I was 16 and in Form 3.

Yarona FM was my first home and still holds a special place in my heart.

I later worked on CATS Radio (campus radio at Cape Technikon in Cape Town) then spent some time with Gabz FM, which also has a special place in my heart.

I once had an experimental pre-recorded radio talk show named The Essentials on RB2 powered by Virgin Brew Studios.

I’ve done all timeslots, read the news, worked in radio station marketing departments and produced my own shows.

I was most recently back on air for a brief moment February 2019.

Was on Gabz FM’s weekend line up for one month.

Q. Why such a short comeback?

A. I came back because I heard Gabz FM was looking for presenters, under new management and building their new line up.

I had my reservations based on past experience as I was previously fired from the station but I chose optimism and applied for the job.

I had just come out of rock bottom and was keen for a fresh start in life.

I was granted an interview and asked to prepare a radio show proposal.

Eventually they offered me the weekend breakfast slot.

I left abruptly because I quickly learnt that the station and I had a mismatch in expectations and to draw it out any further wouldn’t serve anyone constructively.

Despite my departure I wish the station management well and remain friends and a fan of some of the station’s current on air talent.

Q. You are one of the country’s most highly rated MCs – have you ever got a dignitary’s name wrong before?

A. Yes I have. The first time I introduced Moisiraele Goya some years ago, I didn’t pronounce his surname currently!

He made a joke about it, commenting that the young folk hardly know their leaders!

After his speech I corrected my error and later briefly met him and we laughed it off.

I usually ensure to ask organisers about any pronunciation I might be unsure about but sometimes things happen fast and there isn’t time to ask!

Traditional or white wedding

Definitely both! But my white wedding dress will NOT be white as I won’t be a virginal bride!

Q. What mobile phone do you use?

A. I’m using a Samsung right now but am considering going for iPhone or Huawei! The verdict is still out.

Q. Who is the last person you texted and what was it about?

A. Sent someone I have a lot of respect for alerting them that I would be late for a Monday morning as my booked cab was running late!

I absolutely abhor being late and would rather get anywhere early but sometimes it happens to the best of us.

Q. Would you go on a blind date?

A. Yes I would! It’s a fascinating concept and I wouldn’t mind giving it a shot if the person arranging the blind date knows both of us well enough to predict a good experience!

Plus I have a suitable sense of humour to keep us going through awkward moments!

Q. Have you ever trash-talked a girl over a boy?

A. No, but I have been on the receiving end.

Where a ‘friend’ sleeps with someone you are linked to then trash-talks you and destroys your relationship.

I am not a fan of negative vibes so I prefer to shut up if I have nothing nice to say.

Q. Tell us about your first kiss?

A. It was at a birthday party over a game of Spin The Bottle and it wasn’t bad actually!

He remains a good friend and is married now so I don’t know if he remembers!

Q. Where is Jazzelle now?

A. Jazzelle is hard at work rebuilding her life after rock bottom, which was very rough.

I’ve spent some time helping out at a PR agency, appearing at a few high profile events and quietly preparing for the second Good Radio Project and Awards – a concept I founded and first executed in 2017, just before rock bottom.

Q. If you could choose one superpower, what would it be?

A. To FLY! That way I can get to so many places so much faster.

Q. Five things people don’t know about you

  • I am told that I have royal blood from my father’s side
  • I am spiritually very conscious and spend a lot of time in prayer to God and conversation with my ancestors
  • I once survived a near fatal car accident in the middle of the CKGR
  • I am left-handed
  • I love writing, have had my poetry published.

Some of the newspapers I hold in high regard have also published a few of my articles (mainly light social commentary and celebrity profiles)

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