Celen edition with Funny Gurlie

Lebopo Shallet Maribe’s short videos have catapulted her into the public domain, with many able to relate to the everyday humour in her scripts.

The laidback 24-year-old comic, who goes by the stage name Funny Girl, is currently studying Project Management at IDM.

She left the Celeb Edition team in fits of giggles during our short interview.

Q. What would you say has been your best video to date?

A. Where we were in a truck and I came up with the ‘Malome o Jesitswe’ video.

Everybody understood it and liked it because it was my first Setswana comedy – the majority have been in Ikalanga language.

Q. If people don’t laugh at your work what do you do?

A. As a comedian it’s my duty to make people laugh and if I can’t that means somewhere along the lineI’ve lost it or my jokes are wack!

So I go dig for funnier jokes so that they can laugh.

Q. What’s your favourite holiday destination?

A. Never really thought about it but it’s gotta be Nigeria.

I love the Nigerians energy. Really, they are all hype and their pigeon English would just make my holidays great.

Q. Elections are around the corner, did you register to vote?

A. I registered to vote.

I think I was the first person to register for voting; I love politics!

Q. Favourite drink?

A. Tropica cool red flavor.

Q. Favourite colour?

A. Yellow.

Favourite hangout place in Botswana

It has to be any place that sells pizza. I love pizza!

Q. If you were made the Minister of Youth, what would you bring?

A. I wouldn’t change anything because I think the government has lately given the youth a lot of ideas to work on.

So I would just imply that the youth should focus more on Agriculture.

Agriculture has proven to be one of the fastest growing sectors with better income in our nation.

Q. How many kids do you want to have?

A. I think I’d have two, a boy and a girl.

Q. Who is your role model in comedy?

A. It has to be Trevor Noah, he is a natural.

Q. Five things that people don’t know about you?

  • (Laughing) I love pizza
  • I am a preacher’s kid
  • Although I appear to be very talkative I’m actually calm and collected. I’m not crazy all the time and very weird at the same time!
  • Ijojo I love afro beats, I love Nigerian music
  • Sometimes I talk to myself (laughs)