Celeb edition with Emmanuel Petros aka Black Prince
BABES WO CHUBBY: The pint-sized Petros

He is quite often the shortest individual in crowd, but his stage presence is as big as the tallest in the room.

This week Celeb Edition takes a drive to Maun to meet the celebrated Black Prince born Emmanuel Petros.

Q. How did your love for MCing come about?

A. As a kid, I was actively involved in organising talent shows and taking part as a dancer – so I have always had the passion for the entertainment industry.

I was inspired by Ntsoro back then and Dollar Mac.

I started MCing in 2015 at Trekkers and have never looked back.

Q. Has your height ever been a hindrance in your career?

A. I have always been content about myself! I am chubby and pint-sized, that set me apart on stage from the rest of the Mcs so I used that to my advantage.

That’s how I got the nickname, ‘Babes Wo Chubby!’

Q. For those who do not know, tell us more about the Mau ka Munatyi brand label, what does it represent?

A. Mau Ka Munatyi is a lifestyle apparel simply to sell and cherish the beautiful land of Maun, the entertainment scene and the accommodative people of our land.

Q. Tell us about a bad experience you have suffered as an MC?

A. Well it was a near bad experience. Back in 2016 during the Easter holidays, it was an Arthur Mafokate show at Sakaumba Farm.

The crowd were agitated, demanding Arthur on stage.

I got on stage when the crowd were throwing bottles at the stage!

Q. Who is your favorite artist locally?

A. Botswana has very talented artists; my favorites would be ATI and Han-C.

I have witnessed Han-C breaking the ranks to stardom and he blows me away every time.

Q. If you had one superpower, what would it be and how would you use it?

A. The superpower to point our leadership in our direction.

The creative industry is neglected, empowerment wise.

For brands which have been running successfully consistently in marketing a tourism hub you would expect the Botswana Tourism Organisation and The Youth Ministry to strike partnerships with us but that is not the case.

Q. Have you ever physically fought for a girl?

A. Nooo! I have never! Now and then I get warnings from guys to stay away from their chicks – I apologise and life goes on.

Q. Tswii or Seswaa?

A. Well Tswii is made of seswaa le segwere sa metsi.

I enjoy both dishes.

Q. Five things people don’t know about you?

  • I am a bad singer but I love singing
  • I started as a construction company labourer
  • I am the first born of a family of six
  • I always get stage fright before getting on stage
  • I am a very reserved person

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