Celeb edition with dj Geespot

Shy and unassuming, 38-year-old Gaolathe Kediemetse prefers to work his magic behind the scenes, letting others bask in the limelight.

Known as DJ GeesPot in the entertainment industry, the Tonota-native is the brains behind Major Moves Comedy, the organisation responsible for the popular ‘1st Friday of the Month’ comedy night at Masa Hotel.

He also hosts RB2’s Friday night Hip Hop show, ‘The Rhyme Nation’.

Tell us about The Rhyme Nation and Major Moves Comedy.

It is a Hip Hop show that focuses on local artists.

The show, which airs from 8 to 9 on Friday night, gives a platform to all the MCs out there who need exposure on their projects.

Major Moves is a must attend show because every edition there is always a new, fresh line-up to look forward to.

Laughter is a good therapy – this has been proven by doctors!

Q. Which local comedians have you given a platform to so far?

The likes of Phenyo The Master, Mawee, Thapelo Malani, Rikunde and Lebo English.

The good thing is that all the foreign artists that we brought here will in return host our artists too.

Q. How can the local entertainment industry grow?

Artists must work together – they need to meet away from gigs.

In Durban, when you get a gig you are forced to play music from Durban and the same thing should apply here.

Q. Commercial or Underground Hip Hop?

I will go for commercial because it’s used to spread a lot of messages.

Q. Which countries have you played in?

Zambia, Swaziland, Lesotho and Zimbabwe

Q. Of all your previous jobs, which one comes to mind?

Before relocating to Botswana, I used to have a mix slot on DJ Glen Lewis’s show at Metro FM for four years.

It is one of the moments I cherish.

Q. What car are you driving currently?

A Camry.

Q. Favourite drink?

Apple and Grape Juice.

Q. Your take on the recent legalisation of homosexuality in Botswana?

I do not have a problem with that.

In fact I have few friends who are homosexuals.

Q. Five things people don’t know about you?

  1. I am a certified Android Applications Engineer
  2. I am a private person
  3. I play both football and basketball
  4. I dropped out from PHD in IT while doing second year
  5. I paid for my Masters in IT with the money I made from shows

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