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This week our celeb feature needs no introduction, He has become a popular side kick to one of Botswana legendary artists, Vee Mampeezy as well as earn his right as a household name.

Born Francis Kalwa some 36 years ago (he turns 37 on April 4th) Coming soon is known for his acrobatic dance stunts, which more often than not has left patrons in awe.

Q. When did you relocate to Botswana from DRC?

It will have to be sometime back in 2002.

Q. How did you meet Vee?

I met with Vee back in 2004 just about the time of his hit song, Taku Taku. He saw me perform on stage and liked what he saw I guess.

Q. Perform on stage? With who?

I used to dance and tour the country with the then popular group, Extra Melody.

We used to tour around with Franco. Vee saw me perform at one of the events and he- just like they do with football players- bought me from Bra Biza, May his soul rest in peace.

Q. He bought you? For how much?

(Laughs) You really want me to say … ummh! He paid Bra Biza P 10 000 for me to join him and his Black Money Makers (BBM) crew.

It was a lot of money back then you know.. fast forward to today I see him not only as boss man but as a brother figure in my life.

Q. How did your trademark dance moves come about?what inspired them?

I honestly needed to be creative and come up with stunts and a dance that will leave patrons asking for more.

And that is how the jumping up and down and the stunts came about Of course over the years I have tried to change and be more creative but still maintain the jump trademark.

Q. Is it not painful?

No. after a while I got used to it plus I train a lot. (laughs)

Q. What would you say is the best thing about working for/with a multi talented artist like Vee?

More than anything else he gives us brotherly advice about life both professionally and personally.

Five things people don’t know about you

  • I am a really cool and collected person
  • I prefer to stay indoors
  • I am bad when it comes to playstation
  • I spend most of my time on YouTube
  • God comes first

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