Celeb edition with Christine Botlogetswe
SPRINTER: Botogetswe

23 year old Christine Botlogetswe is a force to reckon with on the field, off the field her laid back personality is the first thing you notice.

This week celeb edition visits the tracks to have a chat with one the leading female sprinters in the country with a personal best of 25.75 (+0.2 m/s, Marrakesh 2014) in 200 metres and 51.17 (Gold Coast 2018) with 400 metres.

Q. Of all the competitions you have participated in, which one would say was your most memorable.

A. The Olympic remain close to my heart. I have always wanted to see myself compete at the Olympic stage.

It was truly a great moment for me.

Q. Which race would you say was your most disappointing?

A. Umm should be the World champions that were held in London.

To be honest I was scared, I clocked a disappointing 53.50 in that race.

Q. Who is your role model?

A. Christine Botlogetswe. (laughs)

Q. What keeps you busy when you are not on the track?

A. Traveling , If I am not training I am usually on the road or mid air going around the world.

Q. Who is your favorite musician locally?

A. Atasaone Molemogi also known as A T I, I feel like he is the most talented artist we have.

Q. Your preferred country for vacation?

A. Jamaica. I have always liked the country from a young age. I like everything about it.

Q. If you were to choose what would it be between a traditional wedding or white wedding?

A. Traditional weeding. I love my culture proudly Motswana

Q. If you were not a profesional athlete what do you think you would be doing career wise?

A. Definately a makeup artist.

Q. What are your thoughts on doping.

A. Unfortunately I cannot say much on this topic as it has disadvantaged many.

The rules maybe should be softened a bit, I don’t know really. Let me not say much.

Q. Tell me five this people don’t know about you

  • I am quite shy
  • I am great cook , even though I don’t do it often
  • I am great with children, I love children
  • I love my church time
  • I like to think I am the friendliest person out there

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