Celeb Edition with Bonang Mafokate

Bonang Mafokate, known in showbiz as Bonnie B – a B which stands for Broadhurst – is a 26-year-old presenter on Yarona FM.

Famous for his eloquent, silver smooth tones and fun-filled shows, the Bobonong brother is also a hugely popular MC.

Q. Is it easy to find a job in this industry?

It’s not easy because there are only four radio stations in the whole country.

What’s the best thing about being a radio presenter

Expressing myself on a huge platform and no one is around to say anything back – usually!

Q. Is having a loud mouth an essential requirement for radio?

You don’t need to have a loud mouth but sometimes it helps some people!

Q. Would you encourage others to pursue a career in this field?

Yes, I would as long as they are not doing it for the money because it takes passion and dedication.

Q. Besides being a radio presenter, what other skills do you have?

I am a number freak.

Q. ‘A day with the President’, what would you do?

I would show him my full proof plan on poverty eradication.

Q. Any local celebrity you have a crush on?

Tirelo Ramasedi, she is the prettiest and forever my Miss Botswana.

Q. How would you describe the generation of today?

Broke and depressed but mostly broke.

Q. A message to any young mothers that have just given birth?

You are very close to what and who God is, be proud of it.

Q. Five things people don’t know about you?

  • I competed at My African Dream as a dancer
  • My first love is the theatre
  • I have a weakness for dreads on pretty girls
  • I can fix computers
  • I am going to be President

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