Celeb Edition with Alpha Timothy Nchenje
CLASSY: Timothy

The multitalented Alpha Timothy Nchenje is best known for his role as a presenter on the popular Btv talent show, My Star.

The 24-year-old, who hails from Mapoka in the North East, has also established himself as an Event MC, dancer and voice-over artist.

Q. If you weren’t on TV what would you be up to right now?

A. I studied Law at Gaborone University College of Law, maybe I would be stuck in court or in a law firm.

Q. Where’s your favourite local place to eat and why?

A. Ed’laas. I am a kasi kind of person, so the place has got that tavern type of menu and the music there completes everything.

Q. As a celebrity, do you enjoy the good life?

A. This is a tricky one but it’s difficult sometimes especially in Botswana.

People expect us to be living big but yet the industry is not at its peak.

I remember I once got attacked by a lady for buying fries on the street!

Q. Describe your preferred daily attire?

A. I’ve recently fell in love with formal wear after working for Keno Custom suits but I am also a smart casual lover.

Q. What are you best known for?

A. Apart from being in the limelight for the kind of job I do, I am known for my taglines:

#gomosuke #gomafaratlhatlha #gobusybusy #govigorous#govibrant#gomuvhango.

Q. Tell us about your best/worst date?

A. This one is both the best and worst date (laughs).

Okay, this past weekend at Motlha launch… It was the best date because it was our first night out together with my new best friend – it had to be the worst again because my best friend came late to the event and didn’t dress up according to what we had planned!

Q. Who inspires you?

A. I am inspired by Nomzamo Mbatha. She has been the least paid actress, she got rejected in auditions but never gave up.

This takes me back to 2013 when I did a million auditions and got a zillion ‘no’s’!

Q. What sports do you enjoy?

A. Football and I also see myself presenting a sport lifestyle show in the future.

Q. Where would your dream vacation be?

A. I hope someone is reading this (laughs) – I would like to go to Zanzibar before the end of this year.

Q. Five things people don’t know about you?

  • I went through depression in the past two years
  • I am full time in the arts; I strictly earn a living through gigs
  • I am very emotional
  • I am a fan of classical music but people still don’t believe that
  • I am the future of the entertainment industry; I am coming for everything!