Celeb Edition with Tumelo Tumy Modise
NO NONSENSE: Tumy Modise

This week’s CELEB Edition features Tumelo Tumy Modise.

The multi-talented Kanye native’s numerous roles include: a librarian and Information Manager, a mother of three, a columnist, a member of a board research company and a political activist.

Q. How do you think the country would change if everyone, regardless of age, could vote?

A. Difficult one. I am not one to dictate to people on how to vote.

I am a firm believer in democracy and its ideals and principles.

I believe that everyone should exercise their freedom to choose a leadership of their choice.

If I had my way, at this present moment, where it’s apparent that our opposition is in total disarray, until they put their house in order, I honestly don’t think anyone should risk governance with them. It is too risky!

Q. If your job gave you a surprise three-day paid break to rest and recuperate, what would you do with those three days?

A. I love travelling so I would definitely get a ticket and leave town.

Destination would be a place by the sea; a quiet, chilled place where there is a gym, a sauna and really good food.

That is my idea of how heaven looks!

Q. Where do you get your news?

A. I read everything and anything just to keep abreast with news, be it newspapers, books and magazines.

I also catch up with television news and radio every day. I am up-to-date with current news and very informed and I guess my profession and political activism (BDP) also dictates I do so.

Q. Who do you go out of your way to be nice to?

A. I am generally nice to everyone, I don’t discriminate.

The feeling you get after being nice to people, even perfect strangers is indescribable.

The only thing I hate is being taken for granted and being disrespected.

Then I stop being nice in a second!

Q. What’s the most expensive item you have ever owned?

A. It would be my house and I still own it.

I bought a house in Gaborone and a car (cash) back in 2010.

I doubt I will ever have such money in the bank ever again but to this day I am proud of that decision because I am debt free and my children will never be homeless even after I am gone.

Q. How do you balance work and your social media engagements?

A. I somehow manage to juggle the two, plus motherhood in between.

I don’t have a schedule but when I am overwhelmed and very tired sometimes my body just shuts down and I rest.

That being said, I love my life and I am grateful for my blessings so far.

Q. Five things people don’t know about you?

  • I am very patriotic; I love God, my country and my family
  • I am a fitness fanatic, obsessed with my shape and looks.
  • I love spending time indoors – I don’t like socialising.
  • I’ve been a keen sports fan since my teens. I support Gaborone United, Manchester United and, until Michael Schumacher retired, I was a Ferrari fan. All things red – just coincidental!
  • My patience threshold is very low. I loose my cool fast and I have zero tolerance for negativity.