Celeb Edition Thato Bryan Matlhabaphiri aka

15 years ago, a fresh-faced 17-year-old, Thato Bryan Matlhabaphiri burst onto the local music scene with the release of his debut album ‘Illegal Act’.

The massively popular LP would launch the career of the Hip Hop artist Batswana have come to know as Scar.

The Molepolole native has since established himself as one of the biggest musicians in the country.

This week, he takes his place on Celeb Edition.

You are one of the most popular artist’s in Botswana but have been relatively quiet recently – why’s that?

The newly founded Loapi Events has taken up my time and the focus has been to grow the company.

I guess my music has lacked behind but I am happy that people, even when I am missing in action, they always support me.

I’m currently working on my next album ‘#SongsForAdrian’.

You are the brains behind Fashion and Dining Mondays at Jessy’s Bistro, what’s happening now?

We were trying to help out the ‘creatives’ or people in the arts and put together designers to share ideas and how they price their outfits.

By the beginning of next year, we are back at it.

Q. Which local artist would you love to work with but have never had the chance?

A. Ntirelang Berman, I love his creativity, his commitment and perseverance in what he does.

I believe we can do a lot more so that both of us come out looking our best.

I hope this interview will speed up the collaboration because it’s my first time sharing this.

Q. How does the music industry in Botswana today compare with a few years ago?

A. A lot has changed in our local music; we used to knock on a lot of doors.

One had to be their own manager, do their own recordings.

Now there is more money coming in – hopefully it gets better and better.

Q. Whats going on between you and Robin of Yarona FM? Is there a beef there?

A. I don’t have beef with Robin, all I want is for him to respect me as a man, a beef with him will be a waste of time.

Radio Presenters shouldn’t think that they make musicians. We are partners in this entertainment industry.

They have a quota to meet, they need to play local music and how do they then retain listenership by playing good local music.

We make good music so that they can be able to get that quota and sell their advertising.

It’s a partnership. People will find my songs and I have people who follow me on social media.

We need their help as much as they need ours.

All I want is a mutual respect from people of this entertainment industry.

Q. What’s the one thing you can’t live without and why?

A. I can’t live without TV! Most of the time when I go out on shows, I carry my hard drive around so I can have a moment and watch series.

Q. Five things people don’t know about you?

  • I played Rugby
  • I am a loner
  • I love ice cream – I could eat it the whole day
  • I recorded real hands claps for the Machesa album
  • I am not a good cook, I eat take-away a lot but I wish that will change one day

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