Celeb Edition with Onkagetse Mbulawa
COMEDIAN: Monna O motona and Milo

Onkagetse Mbulawa, (26) is a comedian/ MC and upcoming rapper popularly known as Monna O Motona from Mmadinare.

A self employed University of Botswana Bachelor of Education Degree holder since 2013, Mbulawa is also the founding CEO and Director of Impressive Jobs Investment (Pty) Ltd which is only 3 months old.

Q. .Are you a musician since you can imitate any artist?

A. I can imitate or impersonate any public figure in Botswana including my President.

My best friend is my cat, Milo. I would choose him over my friends. I am an upcoming rapper and my debut single will be released in all radio stations this coming week.

All Botswana rappers should watch out. I am about to change the game because I have studied the entertainment industry for over 15 years.

My time to shine has come and I am not looking back .

I have an upper hand in this game if I don’t win an international award with this song I would definitely quit music.

My aim is to go international with this song.

Q. Why is your cat always in your videos?

A. My cat Milo was trained by me personally to obey all my commands.

It’s the smartest cat in the world, a very rare breed and a good listener.

This cat can pose for photos better than me. He is the reason I got most of followers and up to 83 000 views in less than a week on Facebook.

It watches TV and has its own Instagram account @TheRealMilo.

Q. Any feedback from the artists you always imitate?

A. I got feedback from all of them. Vee shared my first video when I impersonated him and he follows me on Instagram.

Lizibo is my biggest fan; he even thinks I sing better than him.

Robbie Rob invited me to his breakfast show at Yarona FM.

Mpumi called me from SA, she is my biggest fan.

Q. What are your plans?

A. My plans include being booked to MC or preform during big shows. I am bringing an international sound on the local scene, which Botswana has been waiting for al these years.

I will be the first rapper in Botswana to win a Grammy Award or BET award after this song.

Mark my words!

Q. What motivated you to start such an initiative?

A. Being an unemployed University graduate for over 4 years opened my eyes and taught me to hustle on my own.

I thank God I discovered my God given talents and this is my passion.

It is what wakes me up at 4am everyday when I get up to record a song or shoot a funny video.

Q. Who do you wish to work with and why?

A. I would like to work with A. T.I. We have two things in common that is, creativity and energy to perform on stage but I can beat him on the stage if given an opportunity.

Q. Who is your female celebrity crush?

A. Sadie Dikgaka and I want her to be there when I perform my debut single at Flava Dome very soon.

Five things people don’t know about you?

  • I am super creative; I can sell you anything with my creativity.
  • I literally ate a child’s packed lunch in that video. I wasn’t just acting.
  • I once auditioned for My Star in 2014 and got eliminated in top 30 for singing Chris Brown song called “With You”
  • My little brother taught me how to record music in a bedroom studio.
  • Everybody in my family is a teacher by profession.