FUNNY MAN: Inspector Magagula

Never one to shy away from airing his often offbeat, always colourful, views on anything and everything, Inspector Magagula rose to fame through his morning slot on Yarona FM.

Voiced by radio royalty Brando Keabilwe, the good inspector remains one of the more eccentric characters to take to the country’s airwaves.

As we discover in this week’s CELEB EDITION, Inspector Magagula remains as unpredictable as ever.

So how exactly would you sum up Inspector Magagula?

Where do I begin! Well,Magagula is an overqualified Motswana with knowledge of everything; he has inside information on all issues and is very intelligent!

What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

The first thing I do when I wake up is open my eyes. I mean what else?

What controversial statements have you ever made on radio?

Me? Controversial, never!KeBoamarurihela, no controversy. People should learn to accept the truth.

Do you ever receive fan mail?

I get a lot of blackmail actually! But in some instances people just leak information they want me to investigate.

Is Inspector Magagula married?

Magagula is married to his job.

The inspector was famously excused from his job on radio – tell us more about that?

It was witchcraft, keBoloi! Ija.

STRAIGHT TALKER: Magagula speaks

What does the inspector get up to in his spare time?

I spy on people and investigate suspicious guys. You might be next!

Haha I work with Shaya so I’m used to watching my back!Has the inspector ever been in trouble with the law?

I went to prison for two weeks but I was undercover. I mean these things you never know.

What music do you have on repeat on your playlist right now?

Dumalana by Vee and Masisi wa Re bitsa.

Who does it for you: Dramaboi or ATI?

I am not into guys

So what’s next for the inspector?

I am going into production, a television program on fighting crime.

Five things people don’t know about you?

  1. I know Kung Fu and Marshall Arts
  2. I drink Donkey milk for obvious reasons
  3. I don’t smoke
  4. I speak five languages
  5. I believe in miracles

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