Thabang Garogwe is no stranger to the headlines. From alleged suicide attempts to rumoured ‘jail breaks’, with plenty of wonderful music in-between, the Jazz maestro has stood the test of time.

You have enjoyed much media attention over the years. How do you remain relevant?

Music is all that makes things work for me.

As long as I’m doing it for the people I shall remain humble, even when I get all sorts of publicity. Negative or positive it still creates a platform for those who didn’t know me to ask about me.

What has been thebiggest highlight of your music career to date?

Playing at the Hamptons Jazz Festival changed my life. It created a demand for the brand Thabang.

Of all your songs, which one remains dear to you and why?

That is a difficult one! I think it would be my single ‘Ke A Gana’.

Up until this day it still makes me dance.

It touches me deep down in my soul. I really get emotional every time I have to perform the song.

What is the one thing you would change about your personality?

Trusting too much. Clichéd as it sounds, this is the one thing I would really rather just do away with.

What is the last thing you do before going to sleep?

I pray to God to continue giving me those songs in my dreams, because music is my life.

When was the last time you cried (and why)?

Last month, when I heard my song played on Motsweding FM.

It still humbles me because I started from nothing to where I am – it can only be God’s grace!

Who is your celebrity crush?

I am still crushing on my babe, Cindy. Everyday feels like we just met!

How do you use your brand influence to change the world?

It is important to inspire those musicians who are either starting or dream of becoming someone in life that it is possible.

You just need to hold on and let no one set limits for you.

It doesn’t matter where you come from you can be someone.

I mean, I come from the small village of Digawana and the world appreciates my music. You too can be given the same appreciation; don’t give up!

Who would like to collaborate with, both internationally and locally?

EnerstMoalodi and the South African born Quincy K.

Are you working on any new music?

I am working on a 10-track album called ‘Go Botlhokwa Go Becha’.

It’s an amazing blend of afro soul and afro jazz, mainly looking into a journey of life, more into love subjects.

If you were not a musician, what career path would you have chosen?

A fashion designer, I love clothes.

Who would you rather,Anafiki or Stampore?

Hmmmm! That is another tough one, they are both my favorites.

Five things people don’t know about you?

  1. I have been a teacher before
  2. I design in my spare time and when I de-stress
  3. I have a gift of dreaming songs then waking up from my sleep to record them into my phone
  4. I don’t like people who smoke
  5. I am single but not really single. I have a lot people come to me asking if I’m married!

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