INSPIRED: Young talent on display

Botswana Football Association Technical Director Sonnyboy Sethibe says the Zebras improved form in the Africa Cup of Nations has inspired the country.
Speaking to Voice Sport at Lekidi, Sethibe said, “A lot of young players have been inspired by the senior national team’s good results, and we need to make the most of this interest.”
The association aims to get as many kids as possible into their Village Development Clubs running in various parts of the country. The VDC’s are aimed at giving young boys and girls from the age of 15-19 the chance to develop their talent in youth leagues. In Gaborone young male players from the targeted age groups have already started playing youth league football under the watchful eyes of former Zebras mentor Jelusic Vesselin, and the BFA intends to have such leagues running throughout the country.
“Besides the leagues we are also establishing youth development centres where youngsters will be taught life skills.  We have such centres in Gaborone, Old Naledi and Nswazwi run by former Zebras player States Segopolo amongst others. Involving former players and others who have interest is the best way forward for us,” Sethibe said.
The Technical Director went on to say that once the youth league programme is fully running, the winners of the different leagues from the 16 BFA regions will have an annual national championship, and this will hopefully help the BFA pick the best of the crop and integrate them into the different national teams.
“Catching players at a young age and getting them to play regular
competitive football in the league and the national championship will give us ambitious players,” he said.

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