Cashing in on the internet

Have you been wondering how to make money from your website or App traffic? may well be your answer.

According to founder and CEO, Victor Shabane, Nthekela is digitally transforming businesses and boosting online profitability.

Nthekela has been around since 2009 but evolved over time while looking to solve problems.

Seven years later, in 2016, they decided to change their business model.

“Instead of staying in the online space we decided to help other entrepreneurs who want to get into the online trading space and adopted the new business model of being the change agent,” explained Shabane.

Faced with tech companies and start-ups struggling to monetize despite the over 400 million Africans online, as well as the well-documented struggles of print media, Shabane spotted a niche.

“We thought, how can we help companies realise profit and growth? How can we help the media stay in business and journalists continue recording history without losing their jobs as is currently the case?” continued the entrepreneur.

The answer Nthekela came up with was online advertising.

Their system links advertisers with online publishers.

Publishers and any other sites that can engage audiences are eligible to connect to the system which will generate adverts to the site or application.

The company then shares the revenue from the advert with the publishing company.

“We share with you 40 percent of the revenue generated and in some instances up to 60 percent.”

Shabane further states that their target market isclients who want detailed and measurable advertising which delivers results.

“You get to know who you have reached and how you’ve reached them. We are targeting industries instead of specific customers such as advertising and marketing, financial services, business services, automotive, legal industry and so on and so forth.”

Just like any other business there are challenges, including lack of understanding on how the digital space works and how to make money from it.

Shabane explains they go out to teach customers about the digital transformation process and how to enter the digital economic space and realise profitability.

The second challenge is set up of access to Internet and data charges, which Shabane says have become a barrier to entry for businesses that want to operate online.

“We already have a proposal drawn up of a mutually beneficial strategy for all the network providers,” he notes, adding that mindset of Batswana isproving another obstacle.

“It’s this thing whereby Batswana do not support local businesses and start-ups but would rather support businesses from outside that take away the money. God knows what happens to it out there,” he frowned.

To mitigate this, Shabane says they intend to sensitize people and companies on the dangers of neglecting local businesses.

If things go according to plan the future will be filled with start-ups ignited by the wave of change after the major revolution that Nthekela is trying usher in.

“When the world comes to Africa we want it to come through Botswana. In five years we hope to have transformed Botswana into a digital hub for Africa. We want to take local businesses and export them to the rest of Africa as well as be the primary leader of that transformation in Botswana,” says Shabane.

The ambitious plan does not end there.

In the pipeline is also a search engine and social network.

In fact,Shabane says over the next five years they will make huge investments into the digital space as well as research and development.

To those who wish to enter the digital space or make money from it, Shabane advises, “It is important to understand that having a website and all the awesome computers is not enough.

“It is very important to understand the journey and process of digital transformation because that is what will guarantee your success. We understand the space quite well and we are willing to help businesses and people understand what is involved.”

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