AGREEMENT: Santana signing the deal

SPAR splashes P1.2 Million on netball league
It may not probably be the best prize money that one was thinking about but for the first time, netball has got a sponsorship.
The deal is worth P1. 2 Million Over three years. The sporting fraternity witnessed the launch on Monday and teams will from tomorrow, Saturday get to the field to battle for the lucrative prizes.
Speaking at the launch Minister of Youth, Sport and Culture, Shaw Kgathi called on women to stop quitting the sport as it is beginning to show all signs of growth. He also urged men to desist from jealousy and allow their wives, fiancés and girlfriends to participate in the sport. He encouraged women to be proud of their sporty bodies. Kgathi challenged all who want to lose weight not to do it by tablets but rather by engaging in sports as it tones their bodies and make them look naturally attractive without any artificial makeup.
BONA President, Tebogo Lebotse was excited with the deal and besides clinching the mouthwatering deal she was also elected President of Netball in the region, giving her the opportunity to serve in the world governing body of the sport. “I am confident beyond a shadow of doubt that Botswana Netball is ready for this partnership and we have taken the necessary precautions to guard against controversy and that we will jealously guard against the SPAR brand. Netball deserves a pat on the back, given its many achievement in the recent past. In 2007 we took part in our first World Championships where we finished 10th from our then zero international exposure at senior team level. We are now ranked third in Africa and 16th in the World,” Lebotse said
Lebotse also called on the netball family to protect and honour the brand as well as protecting the partnership. “If we can all commit to this and we can all ensure that our actions embody the true spirit of the beautiful game of netball then I promise you, great things lie ahead for netball. And this is a major milestone in our journey to making sure that netball takes its rightful place as a priority sport in Botswana,” the confident and excited Lebotse said at the launch.
As a predominantly female sport and women being the ones who decide where families groceries are bought, the belief is that all will go to Spar for their shopping. “No study is necessary to confirm with SPAR that the majority of its clientele is women. Women are known shopaholics, and no mother or sister will ever let her children and family go hungry. In sponsoring netball SPAR is almost convinced that Botswana netball is aligned to their brand and in line with their corperate social investment,” she said.
For his part Managing Director of SPAR North Rand, Mario Santana explained that sport sponsorship is not a new strategic weapon in SPAR’s marketing mix. “In neighbouring South Africa we were the partners of women’s tennis for some 13 years, have been associated with  Women’s Rand Running for over 17 years, ventured into Women Hockey for 12 years and SPAR presently sponsor Amazulu Premier League team. Sport provides an exciting platform on which to build our brand and women’s sport in particular presents an excellent channel for this. The huge majority of our customers are women, and we believe we have a duty to support them in return. In South Africa we have for the past seven years sponsored the South African National Women’s netball team and the South African Netball Championships plus numerous international netball test and tri-nation series.” Santana said.