CHARGED: Two of the suspects, Sutlhe and Digobe

Three men suspected to have robbed Security Services Company cash–in-transit vehicle of P110 848.70 were last week granted bail by Molepolole Magistrate, Rosemary Khuto.

The trio of Deric Badisa Sutlhe (24), an employee of Security Services- Tutu Digobe (40) and Mosireletsi Diraditsile (37) were granted their freedom after complaining to the magistrate that the 28 days that they had been incarcerated since January 22nd while awaiting police investigations was too long.

According to the charge sheet, the three accused persons and two others not before court, on January 20th, 2018, at Boswelakoko ward in Molepolole broke into a Security Services Company motor vehicle and stole P110 848.70 belonging to Letlhakeng and Thebephatshwa Choppies Stores.

When requesting for bail, Sutlhe said he has a newborn baby who needs his support and that he also has goats he got through government’s Livestock Management and Infrastructure Development (LIMID) Programme, to take care of.

Digobe told the court that he was sick and that he went for a consultation at the hospital where there is a shortage of medication and that he needed to be granted bail to request his relatives to assist him in buying the medication from the pharmacies and also to hire an attorney to assist him with his case.

State prosecutor, Inspector Thema Marumolo of Molepolole Police Station, pleaded with the court to further remand the two suspects as investigations were ongoing and that they were still looking for the other suspects and the vehicle that was used in the heist.

Magistrate Khuto however quashed the prosecution’s application as she said the police were given enough time to complete their investigations. “There are no convincing reasons presented by the prosecution which can deny the accused bail. Due to the nature of the offense, each one of them should provide two sureties binding themselves with the sum of P2000.00 each, not to interfere with the state witnesses and the prosecution to furnish the accused with the names of the witnesses,” she said.

The Magistrate further ordered the accused to report to Molepolole Police Station every Friday during working hours and that they would only be eligible for bail after complying with the first condition.

The two men are expected to appear for mention today (March 05th).