RESOURCEFUL: Kelly Sibisibi and Koketso Leshope

What started off as a WhatsApp message to friends asking if they knew anyone who needed formal work clothes, grew into something a lot bigger encouraging many more to donate to the “Pay it Forward” clothing drive.

Explaining the initiative, Kelly Sibisibi says there are many young women entering the world of work completely unprepared.

This goes for dress, interview skills, body language and general appearance.

The Pay it Forward initiative urges working women to share what they can spare to aid others in their career journey.

In addition Koketso Leshope says they have recognized that there are many women in Botswana in professional settings, who earn exceptionally low salaries, including interns who earn between P1, 200 – P2, 500 a month. “On such low wages, these young women are expected to still show up to work looking presentable, despite their other commitments,” said Sibisibi, with a deep sigh.

In sharing their bright idea, Sibisibi and Leshope have managed to gain traction aided by family and friends hence the exchange billed for this weekend at Maitisong.

“We will host young working professionals or those with an interview coming up to try any of the clothes we have managed to gather. The clothes will be sorted according to size and with the help of stylists and other professionals we will assist the young ladies with their overall look. The young women get to keep any of the pieces that fit best. One of the entities supporting the drive is Samantha Matlhagela of Perfect Pieces.”

“Many of us did not have coaching and mentoring to ace our first interviews and even then very little knowledge on the work environment. This initiative allows us the chance to give back and share our own experiences.” Matlhagela says.

SUPPORTIVE: Samantha Matlhagela

Her Intercultural Etiquette and Protocol qualification earned with the Protocol School of Washington and certification in Essential Manners and Social skills for children and Teens obtained through The Etiquette School of New York will come in handy during the scheduled talk the young women will be treated to during the session.

Those wishing to participate are encouraged to reach the organizers on (77466472) or attend the session to be hosted on Saturday 23rd March at Maitisong, Maru-A-Pula Secondary School, from 10am to 12noon.

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