On top of her game

They say dynamites come in small packages. For Kelly Ramputswa the adage literally describes her. She is an intelligent woman who prefers to be independent.

Her journey through to success came through hard work. Now that she is at the helm of the newly introduced courier company, her life will be on spotlight both professionally and career wise.

She talks to Mmika Solomon in a candid interview held at her posh office in Block 3 industrial.

What a lovely weather we are having today. Beautiful smile on your face is that a sign of good things to come from this company?

Wow! I am flattered Mr Solomon. Indeed the weather is so incredibly fine and I thank the lord almighty for this day.
Please introduce yourself for the record.
I am Kelly Ramputswa. I come from Molepolole.

How old are you?

I am turning 30 and I am single with no kids.

How far did you go with school?

I did BA Politics and Law in South Africa at Rhodes University, after completing my high school in Maruapula.

What do you do in Aramex? Do you own it?

I wish. I am the station manager for Aramex Botswana. It is a joint venture between Sprint Couriers and Aramex UK. We are in the transport and logistics business, courier’s services if you like.

What do you like most about your job?

I like the fact that I am in sales, marketing with the WordTree team, customer services and a bit of research.

If you were to be offered a better package else where will you leave this company?

Not Aramex. I am not being biased. I like the system here, the technology we implement here is awesome. The culture is also on point.

When did you open for business?

We officially started business in May this year. We started setting up the whole structure and recruitment in August last year. Everything that you see in this building was started by me and my team from scratch. The directors gave us the mandate to start everything from scratch.

How was the experience of starting a big company like Aramex?

It was thrilling. It was exciting and thought provoking. We tripped, fell and woke up fast and the end result was we managed to put everything together as planned. This is all thanks to team work. It shows that if a team pulls together in one direction anything is possible. We also had the support from the parent company in both UK and South Africa. Even the local directors here did help us a great deal in setting up this company.

Did I hear you mention Sprint Couriers?

Yes I did mention it, simply because it is a partner with Aramex. Aramex mainly deals with international consignments. While Sprint Couriers deals primarily with domestic consignments, the two companies will complement each other.

How many fleet do you have?

Aramex is an international company, networked around the world. For instance we use fleets from our South African base. It is hard to quantify them because we don’t own them here but we have transport available all the time.

This is a high risk business, how do you ensure all security check-ups are adhered to?

I agree, it is high risk business. At the boarders there is the Unified Revenue Services that cross checks the goods. We also check all the consignments of the customers before we take them. We don’t want to be involved in illegal transportation of things. We have never come across illegal substances or things that we had to transport.

Besides being a courier company what else does your company do?

We do freight, which is land, sea and air. We also do e-commerce which is shop and ship. Like if you want to buy the latest Nike in New York. You can buy it online and deliver it at our address in New York and then Aramex will deliver it to your door step in Botswana.

Fair enough. Let us talk about you as a person. Single with no kids why is that so?

I wish I knew what the problem was. Maybe I am just pre-occupied with my job. Or probably it is not yet the right time for me to be romantically involved with somebody.

Maybe you are a hard nut to crack. Don’t you think?

You think so? I’m a down to earth person who easily gets along with people. That is why I am in the customer service profession. Besides I haven’t really thought hard about getting a man. I believe God’s time is the best time. May be the right man is still to approach me.

Describe your ideal man.

That should be easy because I already know the type of man that I wouldlike to marry. He should be down to earth and easy to socialize with my family. I come from a tight family, we love each other especially me and my mother, we are the best of friends. He should be able to find his role as a man in my life. I don’t want man who doesn’t help in social gatherings such as weddings and funerals. He should be independent and very respectful of other people. He should be able to appreciate me and walk with me in the right direction. In a nutshell he should be loving and caring.

Is it hard to find such a man? Your beauty is flawless and still you are single, maybe there is something you are not telling me.

Honestly. I haven’t been really going out a lot. May be that is why I haven’t met my match yet. I must say I enjoy my own space. If I am not at work I am home doing private things like reading and enjoying my home. Now that I have hit 30 maybe I should start getting worried about getting a partner. I spend most of my time here at work because I don’t have anybody to cook for or worry about. Maybe I should start going out a lot just to mingle.

Do you indulge in alcohol?

I take a good wine once in a while. Just to relax.

Do you travel a lot?

I haven’t travelled to Asia. I have done most cities, but I love Dubai and Berlin in Germany. I will be travelling to Zimbabwe in six months time for the first time. I have also travelled in most parts of my country.

What is your favorite food?

I love anything good. I love serobe, seswaa, sushi and most of the cultural food.
Feel Good it is Friday what are you up to?

I love the cattle post. I will be dashing there to see what’s going on that side. I will also be going there to be in touch with my family. I love riding horses.

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shirley kelly

wooow wish u all the best my homie we grow up together and be class mate u were always the best till u grow keep it up

shirley kelly

wooow wish u all the best my homie we grow up together and be class mate u were always the best till u grow keep it up

Banna 30 years old single no kind, Sumthing is not gud sumwhere.

Boago Mazongo

U better find some1 well in time b4 u turn 34 dear…Bearing is not a joke m telling u, I always here ladies saying much about it, though they never give up…