Voice reporter Portia Ngwako recently boarded a combi from Chadibe to Francistown.

On the way, passengers started a conversation about witchcraft.

Blue overall: Morning good people. Today you are glowing (referring to the woman he was sitting next to).

You look different or is it because of today’s cloudy weather.

Red T-shirt: I take that as a compliment. Thank you. Hahahaha! You naughty man from Tobane.

Blue overall: Hey, do not mention where I come from. People will soon recognize me.

It’s been a while since I went home. Those people are witches and I do not want them to know where I am hiding.

Red T-shirt: You believe in that? You can run but you cannot escape.

I understand they have connections. Those in Chadibe have already alerted them about your whereabouts.(Laughter)

White Scarf: You are right. When you go to a witch doctor, he will tell you that your mother is bewitching you.

How is that possible? They are still going to cheat you. Just go home.

Blue Overall: My step mother also makes me not to miss home. My dad was married to two wives.

That woman is cruel. After my mother’s death she made our lives a living hell.

And to make matters worse my dad passed on two years after my mother’s passing.

White Scarf: That kind of marriage has never been good. That is why in Setswana they call it Lefufa (Jealousy)

That’s where witchcraft starts when it comes to inheritance.

Blue Overall: I do not think your mother can do that.

Why would she kill you when she did not bewitch you to die while your mum was still carrying you?

Even Maghebula sings about it in one of his songs.

When you do not go home, your mother gets hurt and hurting your mom could act as a curse and cause things not to go well for you.

White Scarf: Witch doctors cheat people

Blue Overall: I once went for consultation claiming that I have lost my wallet.

He said it was stolen by my girl friend. I laughed and told him I was joking. He was so embarrassed. (Laughter)

Red T-shirt: He will tell you that for him to assist you he needs skin from a black goat. You will only use the skin while he eats the meat with his family.(More laughter)

Blue Overall: One of them once asked me to bring P600 coins. Can you imagine?

I went and never came back. But people do not learn a lesson. They will still believe in that.

People are quite and not commenting on this discussion you know why?

Because many of them in this combi still consult witchdoctors.

White Tshirt: I do not believe in that. I go to church.

Blue overall: I was wondering where I saw you. Your prophet is also a crook.

He is all about making profit. When it is time to give tithes, he quotes a verse from the Bible, ‘Blessed is a hand that gives.

We worship great God and we should contribute notes not coins,’ he would say and those beautiful girls will start going around with big buckets for the congregation to throw money inside.

White Scarf: I was once pushed by a prophet in church until I told him he is hurting me.

He wanted me to fall, but I just stood still.

My friend fell and when I asked him after the service what was happening, he told me he did it because everyone fell.

Red t-shirt: People like to show off and compete about how much to give.

When you see someone sitting next to you contributing P500, you will also want to give more that that.

Blue Overalls: That is true. It is easy to be rich in Botswana.

If you really want to see how rich people are just sell property through auction and see how thethey compete to be the highest bidder, but if we ask them to donate money to charity, they can’t be bothered.

The combi arrives at the bus rank and the  conversation ends.

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